Dienstag, 24. April 2018

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MAGURA MT T - you asked for it an we deliver!

MAGURA MT T - The purest brake with a design twist - now available online

Bad Urach, (lifePR) - Tibor Simai presented his own design of the MT T at the Eurobike Show in September 2017. The positive feedback and the requests of hundreds of MAGURA fans were too convincing: MAGURA is producing a limited special series of the MT T.

You asked for it and we deliver!

Just in time to be ahead of Santa Claus MAGURA presents his Special Edition of the MT T so it can shine under your Christmas tree. 100 brake sets are available via online order using our click & collect method. Just place your order on magura-mtt.com and you can collect it at the MAGURA dealer of your choice. The first 50 orders placed before the 15.12.2017 will definitely be delivered before boxing day.

We talked with Tibor about the special features of "his" brake:

Tibor, what makes the MT T so unique?

"The 4-piston-version of the MAGURA MT built the base because the technical details and especially the brake force impressed me totally while showing great modulation of the raw power. That is why I chose a raw look with colour accents of mint green - pure engineering with a design twist, that is what I love. The calipers show a polished anodized chrome surface. For some this is perhaps a little 'bling-bling' but for me it means also going back to the roots and symbolizes the nearly unlimited brake power of the MT."

What was your approach to this combination?

"I love silvery spokes because with the right angle of light coming in the turning wheels are sparkling and glittering. Black anodized spokes are a no go for me. With the chrome look of the calipers my mountain bike is sort of speaking to me - riding a bike with a design I love makes me feel better and more comfortable - and therefore faster. The inspiration for the mint green came from my saddle. There is a mint green version of the SQ Lab saddles for a special series called 'endless summer'. This will be the trendy colour for the upcoming season, I am sure!"

And the technical details?

A special update is the HC3 lever on the MT T. From the anatomical form and how the finger touches the lever it feels perfect. Furthermore I can tune and adjust nearly every aspect for my perfect riding position: reach to handle bar, varying the bite-point - delivering a deep feeling of trust and confidence while riding a rough trail. Also the leverage and through that the brake power can vary: With a finger twist I can have a lot of brake force on sticky ground or tune in a fine modulation when it's wet and slippery.

Your opinion about the positive feedback of the MAGURA fans to your creation?

"I think this is really great and I am now looking forward to how the girls and boys will tune and customize their bikes with it - please post some pictures on your social media channels.

The downside is that I am no longer the only one with a MT T on my bike."

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