Montag, 23. Oktober 2017

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Leo II – the modern re-design of a classic

SATO OFFICE GmbH presents Leo, the product line of executive chairs, in a new look

Ebermannsdorf, (lifePR) - Old-fashioned? That is impossible at Sato Office GmbH, the Bavarian manufacturer of office swivel chairs. "Facelift" that is motto for the experts of ergonomic office swivel chairs.

And so, the previous line of executive chairs has been re-designed and is brought onto the market with a new look and design under the name Leo II.

A classic with a modern look

Cubic, rectilinear - these are the latest keywords by which design is currently measured. And these are exactly the elements which are the important features of the new design of the Leo collection.

Ray Carter, a designer who already created a great deal of success models for Sato Office, has reengineered his own design of the 1990s and created a chair with immaculate elegance: LEO II.

The complex seam pattern, high-quality workmanship, modern and timeless look, big, comfortable padding - in angular shape, these are the words by which LEO II can be described briefly.

Glide-Tec Mechanism - the worldwide patent

Glide-Tec is the seat technology for ergonomic office swivel chairs of the future. The worldwide patented technology has been developed under consideration of the latest insights in the spinal column research and it corresponds to the latest ergonomic knowledge. Four simple, but effective benefits can be enjoyed right away when sitting on the office swivel chairs with Glide-Tec from SATO OFFICE:

1. Improved work

Glide-Tec keeps you moving - at the same time as allowing you to work comfortably in any sitting position. No matter whether you lean back or sit up straight: your hands always keep the contact to the desk surface and the keyboard.

2. Improved sitting

Your back needs to move - even when sitting down, because a healthy and stable vertebral column is supported by the constant variation of high and round back sitting positions.

3. Improved relaxation

With Glide-Tec you stay fit - even after spending a long day at work sitting down. No matter what sitting position you prefer: our innovative seat technology actively prevents tensions. The neck is not overstretched and always remains relaxed and your head stays clear.

4. Improved handling

Glide-Tec gives you the freedom to sit as you like. You can adjust your individually wanted seat height with a handle - and everything else is simply done by Glide-Tec automatically. Intelligent seat technology instead of complicated adjustments: The chair always adjusts to you exactly so you always have a healthy and comfortable sitting position.

All that the boss desires

LEO II stands for the core competence of SATO: the development of innovative chair systems for the office chair market. LEO II offers everything that a demanding boss wants in the office during his working day: a distinctive and attractive look, an absolutely simple handling - and a technology packet which supports the human's natural need to move even while seated and that keeps the back healthy. New thinking, new sitting - for improved working.

NowyStyl GmbH

Development of ergonomic chair systems - that is the core competence of SATO OFFICE GmbH. The corporation with 160 employees - of which 110 are based in Germany - produces chair systems worldwide for offices, cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and conference halls.

The company focuses on close cooperation with the research in order to realize solutions which are ergonomically and technically up-to-date: people shall sit in their offices comfortably and should always be able to move without being regularized by technology.

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