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InnoTrans 2012: AQUAPAL® DB - the Special On-Train Drinking Water Hose

(lifePR) (Berlin, ) .
- Fulfills all statutory requirements for the transportation of drinking water
- Approved by Deutsche Bahn AG
- Long-lasting and highly flexible
- Many practical benefits

How about a relaxing breakfast on the train rather than a rushed espresso standing in your kitchen? How about treating yourself to coffee and a cake in the afternoon and enjoying a delicious meal or a small snack in the evening? After all, on-board catering is a key part of the service offered on long-distance railway routes. But without water, dining car operations would come to a standstill. Water is needed in the preparation of meals and drinks, as well as for washing up glasses and crockery - and water destined for human consumption is subject to the stringent guidelines of the European drinking water directive. The hoses used to fill drinking water tanks must also be approved for drinking water and labeled accordingly. Just like the AQUAPAL® DB, specially tailored by ContiTech to the everyday conditions on board trains. The sturdy and highly flexible quality hose combines compliance with the highest requirements of the drinking water regulation with the advantages of a flexible rubber hose. It has been tested in accordance with KTW "pipework" guidelines, DVGW-W270 and DVGW-VP 549, and is approved for transporting water. It has also been approved by the Deutsche Bahn AG as a drinking water hose.

Hygienic and clean, highly flexible and robust

The design and materials used ensure completely hygienic flowthrough and give the AQUAPAL® DB a long service life, even under the tough conditions in railway operations. The fabric reinforcement made from hard-wearing synthetic thread makes the hose highly flexible and kink-resistant, and means that it can withstand being driven over. The inner lining of the branded hose is completely neutral in terms of taste and odor - one of the most essential features of drinking water hoses. The AQUAPAL® DB can also withstand temperatures from -20°C to +90°C. It can be steam cleaned at up to 130°C, ensuring that it can be cleaned appropriately. Thanks to its red jacket with the blue wavy line, the drinking water hose is unmistakable.

The high quality and functional value of the AQUAPAL® DB is the result of comprehensive in-process controls throughout its production and more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing elastomer-based hoses. Because of this great expertise, ContiTech is a permanent member of the national and international standards committees that develop test specifications such as DVGW VP 549 and defines them as standards.

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