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An excursus on Biovegan - interview with Nicol Gärtner

Ransbach-Baumbach, (lifePR) - Striving far to the entrepreneurial forefront and still remaining loyal - does that work? Nicol Gärtner packages her response in a clever counter question: "Does it work any other way?" Success and growth are closely linked with terms such as "honest, authentic, respectful, fair and open in communication" as far as the Biovegan managing partner is concerned. The 47-year-old lives her life - privately as well as entrepreneurially - on this basis. And success proves her right. "For eight years our sales have grown by 50 percent annually", she says self-assuredly. "We are meanwhile Germany's leading producer of organic cooking and baking ingredients, and strong growth is also anticipated for 2015."

The range of products from Biovegan is not only "organic", but also free from gluten and lactose - and it is vegan. This means that no animal ingredients whatsoever are processed. Egg powder, honey or milk as well as the additive E120 - which dyes foodstuffs red and is extracted from lice - are rarely to be found in the baking ingredients, desserts, soups and sauces.

Biovegan is exclusively available only in the specialised organic trade, where buyers are critical as well as informed, says Gärtner. "That is why our entire product range as well as our dialogue with our customers is based on openness and honesty: we always declare all ingredients and take suggestions and requests from the customer side very seriously. If a mistake ever occurs we deal with it transparently."

She inherited this attitude from her father Claus Henneke, who founded the company in Ransbach- Baumbach together with her mother Käthe in 1968. It was important to him to also voice uncomfortable truths, whether in the company or at home, the daughter remembers.

Her parents were pioneers in the vegan, organic foodstuff sector. Käthe Henneke primarily dealt with healthy wholefoods rich in curative properties. In the early 1980s she passed on her knowledge in her own culinary school and quickly noticed that there were hardly any foodstuffs which could satisfy her standard. She transformed this gap into a successful business idea. Even today the 78-year-old develops new products and shares her recipes on Facebook.

Stagnation is not a notion that the two women cultivate. Daughter Nicol, who took over Biovegan in 2008, is also as energetic and vigorous as her mother. "We are so successful and sustainable because we continually optimise and move further with innovative products which we develop ourselves. As a result we are usually two steps ahead of the competition," she says. She also defines growth as the promotion of ideas, as being open to everything new.

That is why she is particularly proud of the "Farbspaß", a product for colouring icing, smoothies, cakes and creams free of chemicals. "We use purely natural raw materials in an innovative way for this purpose. We have worked on their combination for a very long time, and we process them into a product that tastes good to vegans and vegetarians as well as people who would like to prepare their baked goods with eggs and cow's milk." Nicol Gärtner has herself eaten a vegan diet for about 30 years, but is not a missionary.

Her approximately 50 employees work in three shifts. But the entire team shall move into the new Biovegan company headquarters by the end of the year at the latest: the first ecological commercial area in the Rhineland-Palatinate, an energy-efficient new company headquarters that manifests the entrepreneurial values of Biovegan in the highest ecological standards, is currently being built in Bonefeld. An employee-friendly administrative area is complemented by a modern high rack warehouse and a new production facility. The building is heated with the waste heat of machinery.

Nicol Gärtner very consciously decided in favour of Bonefeld. For one thing, there she has space for more employees as well as the most modern machinery and technology, in which she is investing at the moment. For another thing, the complex is embedded in the Rhein-Westerwald Nature Park, an environment with a healthy climate. "I would not like to produce our high-quality foodstuffs in a classic industrial area where you cannot influence what the closest neighbour is processing," emphasises Nicol Gärtner.

Biovegan GmbH

Biovegan GmbH from Ransbach-Baumbach in the Rhineland-Palatinate has been producing vegan foodstuffs in organic quality since 1986. The medium-sized family enterprise was founded by organic pioneers Käthe and Claus Henneke. As a pioneer of vegan nutrition Biovegan has already set numerous innovative milestones, from the first organic baking powder to the first sugar-free gelling agent with "organic seal" (Bio-Siegel).

Products from Biovegan are exclusively available in the specialised organic trade. The company exports to 38 countries. Sales in 2014 have increased by 50 percent compared to the previous year. Strong growth is also anticipated for 2015. A new company building whose innovative wooden construction and energy efficiency set standards in terms of sustainability is currently being built in Bonefeld for the meanwhile over 50 employees.


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