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notstrøm powerbank recharges mobile devices while you ride

ZNEX Germany presents notstrøm, the first mobile, weatherproof battery designed for use even on the most challenging bike rides

Freiburg, (lifePR) - Whether riding to work in the rain or on rough terrain on your mountain bike, notstrøm recharges smartphones and GPS devices in any weather and any terrain. The 10,000 mAh capacity stores enough mobile power to recharge your iPhone up to five full times. notstrøm comes with a mount that can be clicked into place and removed as easily as an air pump.

More and more cyclists are navigating with cycling apps on smartphones, which would be a wonderful thing if the handlebar GPS devices weren't such energy guzzlers. With active GPS navigation, a continuous data connection and a display that remains on constantly, most smartphone batteries are drained in no time at all. That's why many cyclists are looking for a powerful and weatherproof spare battery that they can carry conveniently on their bike.

"Finding a spare battery that can be readily mounted on the bike and handles all the challenges of cycling has been impossible until now," says ZNEX CEO Regina Preusche. "That's why we sat down with mountain bikers and long-distance cyclists and worked on developing a battery that can be attached to almost any bike without tools in a weatherproof design that can recharge a smartphone even in the rain."


Even during heavy rain or in a sandstorm, notstrøm does not let you down.. It is dust-proof and up to IP67 waterproof, which means it can be immersed in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes and still function. This high degree of protection is also offered when a smartphone is charging. No other portable rechargeable battery offers such all-round protection even in extreme situations. This has been made possible because there are USB ports, which tend to let in moisture and dust. Instead, notstrøm is equipped with a high-end industrial plug that reliably prevents moisture and micro-particles from penetrating and damaging the battery.

The notstrøm is 30 cm long and made of sturdy, corrosion-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum that meets the stringent military requirements of MIL-STD-810G standards with regard to resistance to vibrations and shocks. Thanks to its robust design, it handles rides over dirt roads, cobblestones, curbs and potholes like child's play.

Full power

The high 10,000 mAh makes it possible to charge USB devices even on longer tours. The powerful 2.1A output port ensures that even extremely power-hungry smartphones or tablets can be charged as quickly as if plugged into a wall socket at home. The mobile power station is run with Panasonic lithium ion batteries that are the best in the world in terms of energy density, safety and cycle stability.

Quick charging

With a fast 1.5A Micro USB, notstrøm can be charged anywhere in the world through a wall socket, your laptop, a hub dynamo or solar panel. A screw-cap keeps the micro USB port safe from dirt, water and dust.


Its exceptional weather resistance makes notstrøm attractive beyond the world of cycling, especially for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking or mountain climbing, horseback riding, caving, kayaking, sailing or who just want to charge their iPad at the beach. Thanks to its slim shape it easily fits into a backpack and weighs just 291 g - light enough to accompany outdoor adventurers on their expeditions.

With 950 lumens through the night

ZNEX offers a small, high-performance bicycle LED lamp that can be docked in a waterproof way to notstrøm battery.

With an effective light output of 950 lumens, the small spotlight provides a true light path into the night, illuminating not only the trail, but also the periphery. Coupled to notstrøm, the OM3 can provide up to 30 hours of illumination, depending on the brightness chosen. Even if the spotlight loses power after four hours at the brightest level, you won't be left in the dark for long. notstrøm has an emergency power reserve that's activated when you switch the battery back on. After activating the reserve power, the OM3 provides an additional hour of light at the lowest level of brightness.

The OM3 can be fixed without any tools to the handlebars, helmet or the notstrøm itself using an O-ring.

Prices and availability

notstrøm is immediately available for €89.95 in the EEC and $79.95 in all other countries. The ØM3 is available for €49.95 in the EEC and $44.50 in all other countries at

Silicone sleeve as accessory

Cyclists who want to make their notstrøm look even jazzier while protecting it from scratches and stone chips will love the silicone sleeve in black, navy blue or anthracite for €9.95 (EEC) and $8.85 (all other countries)
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ZNEX Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG

ZNEX develops smart accessories for cyclists and people who are active outdoors. ZNEX products stand for high quality and reliable endurance and are widely used when traveling, biking and hiking.

Founded in Freiburg, Germany in 2010, the company specializes in developing and marketing high-quality external lithium-ion batteries for small mobile devices. The goal is to deliver the maximum energy density and high performance in the most compact, yet beautiful product design. With notstrøm, ZNEX introduces a new generation of outdoor battery to the market that allows smart phones and mobile equipment to be recharged even in the most adverse environmental conditions.

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