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GELITA Symposium to explore food solutions off the beaten track

GELITA Food and Health & Nutritional Symposium to provide inspiration for better nutrition and health / Registration now open

(lifePR) (Eberbach, ) GELITA, the world’s leading manufacturer of gelatine and collagen peptides, will host its bi-annual Food and Health & Nutrition Symposium in Heidelberg, Germany, from October 17-18 this year. The global industry meeting will uncover new perspectives, and provide insights into how to match product development to current as well as future consumer demands.

Following the theme “Off the beaten track – inspiration for better food, nutrition and health”, the symposium will allow participants to exchange ideas and experiences in a highly interactive environment. Top level lectures and discussions on diverse areas of expertise, such as molecular genetics of flavor perception, digitalization of food, collagen peptide research and interdisciplinary cooperation, will encourage attendees to evolve the industry’s thinking and explore new avenues. Beyond that, interactive hands-on sessions will provide ample opportunities for creative product design development.

Industry professionals from all over the world are encouraged to join this exceptional symposium, which runs for two half-days. The 300 Euro attendance fee covers hotel accommodation and catering, as well as a special evening event in the picturesque old town of Heidelberg.

For further information and to register, please visit or email

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GELITA is the leading company for manufacturing and marketing collagen proteins. Coordinated from the headquarters in Eberbach, Germany, GELITA provides customers around the world with products of the highest standard, comprehensive technical expertise and sophisticated solutions. More than 20 sites and a global expert network ensure that state-of-the-art know-how is always available for customers. With 140 years of experience in the field of collagen proteins are the basis of GELITA's performance. A strong requirement for innovation is the driving force of the family-owned company that is always looking for new solutions for food, pharmaceutical, health & nutrition as well as for technical applications.

Within the range of collagen proteins, GELITA supplies collagen peptides with proven body-stimulating capabilities, tailor-made gelatines and non- or partly- water soluble collagens. This holistic range of products in combination with its vast experience in developing solutions for different applications makes GELITA first choice for its customers. In today's landscape of highest consumer demands, manufacturers of food products have to rely on natural, healthy, non-allergenic ingredients for their developments. Collagen proteins from GELITA are the perfect match for this as they fulfill all of these requirements, a particular plus being the fact that they are foodstuffs in their own right (e.g. no E-number). They also possess a set of unique technical and physiological properties.

Besides the traditional use of collagen proteins as natural stabilizers and emulsifiers for countless products, they enable manufacturers to provide their products with other properties which are becoming more and more important. GELITA has intensified its research in developing solutions for physical mobility, weight management and beauty from within.