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Music Is My Life

Vladimir Sterzer - Music of the soul

München, (lifePR) - Vladimir Sterzer is one of the most notable composers and music producers of our time. With his particular style in music, he has created a completely new direction. He composes New Age sounds in ecclesiastical modi. A wide variety of PlugIns, piano sounds and beats make his music inimitable, recognisable and lifts the listener's heart. He has managed to touch the hearts of more than 5,000,000 people, without resorting to any form of marketing (as per online Analysis October 2015). His secret is his life, his thoughts and beliefs in love, that are clearly reflected in his music.

Vladimir Sterzer was born on the 30th June 1982, in Siberia. When he was 14 years old, he moved to Bavaria, Germany, with his family, where he lives and works today. As a child he already showed an active interest in music; this interest was accompanied by a natural musicality and talent that was evident during his first piano lessons. Soon he was participating in various piano competitions, winning his first prizes, followed on by a degree from the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. Presently, Sterzer has fully dedicated his life to music.

Sterzer's comments about himself:

“My music is my life, what I feel, what I see, what I experience. I see the world differently from most people. That is why music is my life. I developed my musical style by myself, because that is how my soul can best express itself. I have never compared myself with other composers, nor have I ever imitated them. I play that which is inside of me, what needs to be expressed, in order to touch other people's lives. I compose very emotional music, that helps people relax and feel positive about themselves. I have released six albums, but also many variously arranged singles. To date, I have produced approximately 300 pieces of music.

Music is a language that everyone understands. I like the idea of reaching out to the whole world.”
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