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greybax: whether you're gardening or grilling outdoors - our puristic felt boxes offer stylish storage solutions

Nettetal, (lifePR) - People who like to keep things tidy and leave extravagant opulence to the baroque or post-modern designers are sure to like greybax sturdy felt carrier boxes. Also, the timeless elegance of the design means they suit any setting while maintaining their own unique character. This is what makes products become timeless classics that don't belong to a particular trend or time period, but simply provide the best solution in any given moment.

greybax felt carrier and storage boxes are sturdy, hard-wearing and versatile. They can be used both at home and when you're out and about, in the garden or on the patio, at the outdoor grill or barbecue, in everyday household situations, or when you have guests round.

Enjoyment - it's all about perspective

greybax combines aesthetics and functionality in a sophisticated design. The concept and product philosophy centre around a return to basics and opting only to use the colour grey is a logical consequence of this philosophy. The focus is placed on highlighting technical design aspects along with how useful and sturdy the product is. The modern, minimalist design is eye-catching wherever a stylish setting and practical accessories fit together harmoniously.

greybax offers a well-designed duo and trio ensemble with the open PICK UP felt classic and closable options PORTER and LITLLE PORTER whether you need to store items that are coarse or delicate, little or large, things around the house or garden. The list is endless: be it timber and firewood, garden utensils, toys, tools and accessories, barbecue utensils, drinks, bottles, dishes, magazines, shopping. greybax can pack a lot away, and look great at the same time.

greybax are made from a robust special felt approx. 5 mm thick, which stands out due to its durability, is highly resilient, extremely wear resistant and not sensitive to dirt. greybax are manufactured with 50% recycled material, are environmentally friendly and comply with a sustainable product and manufacturing philosophy in Germany.

greybax products are available from the online shop: and in selected stores.
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greybax - are felt bags and felt products for people who value design quality in everyday life. On the way, at home, at the office, on business trips, shopping, playing sport, on holiday and in your leisure time, greybax are useful companions who captivate thanks to their aesthetic quality. greybax are manufactured from a technical special felt with 50% recycled material, in an environmentally friendly manner in Germany.

greybax products are available from the online shop: and in selected stores.

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