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Staying healthy while growing old

, Gesundheit & Medizin

The fact that our flexibility decreases and our health impairments increase is a biological process we have to accept. Yet even though we cannot...

Premiumgym: back-friendly training for the whole body

, Gesundheit & Medizin

There's a new training device for people who normally associate sport with pain and problems: the Premiumgym consists of a base board made of...

Sitting still was yesterday: Why flexible sitting is so important for a child’s back

, Gesundheit & Medizin

Just about all children await their first day at school with anticipation and impatience – after all the first school day is a very special day...

The joys of gardening without backache

, Gesundheit & Medizin

The first warm rays of sunshine and gradually increasing temperatures mark the start of the season for hobby gardeners. Weeding the flower beds,...

Heat wraps with deep effect to combat backache

, Gesundheit & Medizin

Heat not only makes us feel better and generates a cosy atmosphere: it can also alleviate pain. Heat relieves tension and blocks the nerve receptors...

Ergonomic home improvements and skilled crafts – now also with the AGR seal of approval

, Gesundheit & Medizin

Anyone who does their own home improvements in the house and garden is sure to know the aches and pains in the spine or arm muscles and joints...

Think of your back when driving your car: the importance of ergonomic car seats

, Gesundheit & Medizin

A life without cars – inconceivable for many of us. Most car owners use their vehicle every day. Many are frequent or even professional drivers...

Healthy sleep - healthy back

, Gesundheit & Medizin

In the first half of 2015, diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as backache topped the list for days of absence due to illness in Germany,...

Sitting, standing and moving: the back-friendly office

, Gesundheit & Medizin

Up until just a few decades ago, the skilled trades accounted for most workplaces. This is no longer the case, with office work replacing many...

The circumstances of modern life have made it rare for children to spend all day playing in the fresh air

, Gesundheit & Medizin

For years now, paediatricians and orthopaedic specialists have been observing a worrying trend: backache patients are getting younger all the...

Gardening without backache

, Gesundheit & Medizin

The first warm spring days are the best chance for gardening fans to get their garden ready for the summer after the long winter's break. They...

Strengthening the back by cycling

, Gesundheit & Medizin

The best way to prevent backache is to have well trained muscles along the spinal column. Exercise is therefore the key to pain-free everyday...

Certified heat application:

, Gesundheit & Medizin

We spend an average of seven hours a day sitting down; one in three gainfully employed persons even manage nine hours a day, according to the...

The back-friendly car seat - still not standard, even in modern cars

, Gesundheit & Medizin

Most car drivers see their vehicle at least to a certain extent as part of their own identity. For some it is even a status symbol that is chosen...

The active office: why exercise when sitting down is not a contradiction in terms

, Gesundheit & Medizin

There are around 24 million VDU workplaces in Germany. About three quarters of desk workers suffer from physical complaints, with back problems...


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