Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2017

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Sound absorbing and digitally printable: Interior sun protection textiles in Trevira CS

Trevira CS at R+T Stuttgart 2015

Bobingen, (lifePR) - Fibre manufacturer Trevira GmbH is presenting Trevira CS textiles for interior sun protection at this year's R+T Fair in Stuttgart. The company will be showing both product developments and commercial fabrics from Trevira partners, with special focus on the sound absorbing function and on digital printability.

Available under the Trevira CS brand, the textiles consist of two component polyester yarns, where one component (Trevira NSK = low-melt component) melts at a lower temperature. When combined with permanently flame retardant polyester yarns by Trevira, it is possible to produce stiffened textiles for the application in a variety of materials for interior sun protection. The latest creations are fabrics with a three-dimensional character, which as a result make ideal sound absorbing materials and at the same time provide sun screening which is flame retardant.

The degree of stiffening can be controlled by the proportion of NSK in the material. During the finishing process this component (also known as melt fibre) stiffens the textile fabric through the effect of temperature, without the use of additional chemicals. This manufacturing process therefore offers enormous advantages from ecological and economic viewpoints: the textiles are made from a single material in 100% polyester and are recyclable.

Acoustic elements based on textile materials are taking on more and more importance in interior furnishing - not only for use in open plan offices, but in public facilities as well, such as schools, nurseries, auditoria, foyers and restaurants. Alongside familiar elements like panels, partitions, canopies and wall pictures, interior sun protection that is sound absorbing can also help to improve the total acoustics of an area, especially where it has a three-dimensional structure. The effect is that a change in direction in sound waves (break or reflection) occurs on the surface, thus helping to create a better acoustic atmosphere indoors.

Alongside the functional features of sound absorption and flame retardancy, ever increasing importance is being placed on design in sun protection systems. Textiles provide a design element here which can be adapted in a customised way to the available space. Vertical blinds, curtain panels, roller shutters, sliding panels: it is possible to integrate all these in terms of design into interior concepts, particularly using digital printing. Given the numerous colours available and the high brilliance of the articles, individually designed motifs on the smooth clear surfaces of sun screening textiles are becoming more and more popular. It is thus possible in both private and contract markets to project one's own ideas in the form of images and logotypes in interior design. In addition, digitally printed sun protection textiles in Trevira CS are flame retardant, making them suitable for the contract sector.

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