Montag, 18. Juni 2018

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STRABAG RPS: Matthias Jeckstaedt appointed Managing Director

Frankfurt/Berlin, (lifePR) - Jeckstaedt has taken over as the manager of STRABAG Residential Property Services GmbH (STRABAG RPS) effective 7 August 2017. Jeckstaedt (50), a lawyer, is succeeding Georg Kranz and Ingo Hackforth, who retired as at 31 March and 30 June respectively.

In his new position, Jeckstaedt reports to Norbert Rolf, Head of Property Companies at STRABAG Property and Facility Services GmbH (STRABAG PFS).

“The Berlin property market is on the verge of structural change,” says Rolf, citing the trend towards the digitisation of property management as an example. “With Matthias Jeckstaedt we are excellently positioned to develop our own solutions tailored to our customers’ requirements, and to further consolidate our strong position in Berlin-Brandenburg.”

“We should seize big data as an opportunity,” emphasised Jeckstaedt. “This can mean creating more transparency for our work through new ways of providing services,” said Jeckstaedt.

The property expert is also seeing changes in the capital itself. “In Berlin especially, tenants and buyers are starting to focus on new districts and areas. With people relocating to the outskirts and commuting on the rise, the capital is undergoing a development that we are seeing in a lot of German cities.”

Jeckstaedt comes from the Austrian Rustler Group, where he was most recently the managing director of Rustler Immobilien GmbH, and therefore has years of experience on the Berlin real estate market. Prior to that, Jeckstaedt held various management positions in the DKB Group and the ASA Group. In addition to his particular expertise in residential housing, he also has experience of acquisitions of – even very large – housing portfolios.

A Berlin native, he studied law at the Free University of Berlin and successfully completed his studies with his second state examination after his internship in 1996. Jeckstaedt is the author of numerous publications on residential property, including the manual “Die Eigentümerversammlung” published by Grundeigentum-Verlag.

STRABAG RPS was founded in 1989 as GSW Betreuungsgesellschaft für Wohnungs- und Gewerbebau mbH and has been part of the STRABAG PFS Group since 2012. The services it offers extend from property management (for a portfolio of 3,300 rental units), residential property management (15,000 units) and the management of properties owned in severalty (around 1,000 units) to construction supervision (annual volume of around EUR 3 million).

STRABAG Property and Facility Services GmbH

STRABAG Property and Facility Services (STRABAG PFS) is a leading provider of property and industrial services with a high level of vertical integration along the value chain for the technical and commercial management of full locations and entire portfolios of industrial and property companies. Its service portfolio comprises property management, technical and infrastructural facility management, construction in existing buildings and, through DIW, specialist services such as industrial maintenance and cleaning.

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