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Good market performance: new drinksplus products from Dr. Chung's Food in Korea

Korean beverage manufacturer sees further opportunities for growth

(lifePR) (Linnich, ) Dr. Chung’s Food has taken the lead in South Korea. At the end of 2014, under the brand name ‘Vegemil’ the Korean beverage specialist brought out a product innovation: UHT soy beverages with applemango juice, containing healthy, natural bits of nata de coco and peach as special extras. Especially among the younger generation this product – which combines added value and fun by adding chewy fruit particulates to the healthy soy drink – is gaining in popularity. Due to the product’s good market performance, the company has now added another two beverages containing particulates to its product range: a UHT soy drink with muesli, and a UHT coconut drink with nata de coco. The products are made possible using the drinksplus solution from SIG Combibloc.

Kyoung-Jae Lee, Sales Director at Dr. Chung’s Food: “drinksplus products provide added value for consumers who are health-conscious and manage their diet accordingly, but at the same time don’t want to miss out on treats and new taste experiences. We’ve taken the lead in the soy drinks segment. The beverages containing healthy particulates were very well-received by the target group, because they were unlike anything people had previously experienced in the area of soy drinks. Our innovative soy muesli drink with tapioca pearls and 16 different sorts of grains, lentils and quinoa follows on conceptually from this, and complements the new generation of soy drinks”. The product is targeted mainly at consumers who are on the move a lot, have little time to spare and still want to eat a healthy, balanced diet – it is mostly students and professionals that belong to the core target group for these innovative products, as the muesli drink can potentially replace a solid meal.

Another innovation in the product portfolio of Dr. Chung’s Food is the ‘Real Coconut Milk’. The special feature of this product is that the drink contains all the pieces, and therefore all the healthy ingredients, of a coconut. This coconut product is processed and presented in a completely new way – with real bits of fermented coconut water, known as nata de coco, and squeezed coconut flesh, the coconut milk. There has never been anything like it on the Korean market. The main target audience for the product is young women who pay attention to their diet and want to nourish their bodies by eating foods with high-quality ingredients, but also demand an exceptional, natural taste. With its ‘Real Coconut Milk’, Dr. Chung’s Food has brought out a product that fits perfectly with the current ‘healthy snacking’ trend, where an emphasis is placed on making sure snacks, like other foods, are also healthy and of good quality.

Exceptional drinking experience

Kyoung-Jae Lee: “The drink is a plant-based lifestyle product that is of interest not only for people who have an intolerance for milk products, but also for everyone who wants to add variety to their diet and enjoy healthy nutrition. Healthy, chewy bits in the beverages give an exceptional mouthfeel when drinking. Thanks to the unusual texture, the consumer can feel the product’s added value. The drinksplus solution from SIG Combibloc has paved the way for us to create products of this kind”.

The drinksplus solution enables manufacturers to process products containing up to ten per cent natural particulates, such as bits of fruit and vegetables, cereal grains and seeds, coconut flakes or nut pieces, on standard SIG Combibloc filling machines for liquid dairy products and non-carbonated soft drinks, and aseptically package these products in beverage cartons. To make drinksplus products, the standard filling machines are simply fitted with an upgrade set. The easy-to-install ‘drinksplus kit’ includes valves, valve stems and filling nozzles which are tailor-made to ensure an ideal product flow when filling innovative beverages containing particulates. So that the products can be conveniently drunk from the carton pack, the drinking straws have a specially large diameter of 6 millimetres.

The basis for the aseptic filling of foods with a particulate content is the flexible filling technology and the sleeve system from SIG Combibloc. Each food and beverage carton produced in SIG Combibloc’s production plants is individually shaped, sterilised and filled at the filler’s premises, in filling machines from SIG Combibloc. After the filling process has taken place, the carton packs are ultrasonically sealed above the fill level, and not through the product. This is to prevent particulates or fibres from becoming caught in the sealed seam.

The launch of the new drinksplus products from Dr. Chung’s Food is accompanied by an extensive marketing campaign. The campaign includes, among other things, samples and social media campaigns, photo competitions, in-store promotions in supermarkets, PR articles in trade journals and consumer magazines, and TV commercials (;

SIG Combibloc

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