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Car Light Box from OSRAM – the best companion when you are on the road

OSRAM with new replacement light box at Automechanika 2008

(lifePR) (München, ) Right in time for the Automechanika 2008, OSRAM, the market leader in the field of car lights, is launching a new replacement light box, offering drivers even more safety and comfort. The box comes in a new, innovative OSRAM design and contains all the lights that are important for cars. In addition to its importance in terms of safety technology, the replacement light box is also OSRAM's answer to the changing social and legal situation in Europe.

Light constitutes an ever more important component of active safety for drivers and has long since been regarded as much more than a mandatory function during twilight and darkness. A growing number of drivers in Germany also use light during the day. Daytime running light is mandatory according to current law in many European countries and increasingly prevails on domestic streets as well - not merely as a design element of a few premium models. Daytime running light could also become a legal requirement in Germany during trips abroad, just as high-visibility reflective vests have. As part of these developments, the new replacement light box from OSRAM is a companion for drivers which satisfies these higher standards.

For more safety and comfort

The ever greater safety orientation of drivers also places a challenge on the lights' product life. When one of the lamps fails, safety concerns absolutely require that it will be replaced as quickly as possible. Those who push that off risk that the second light fails, and consequently, that their car is no longer fit to drive. The results of the annual Light Test conducted by the German Association for Motor Trades and Repair (October 1-31) demonstrate that more than 30% of motorists drive their cars with defective lights for extended periods. "Drivers really need to catch up in this area. Driving with defective lights exposes the safety of all motorists and cyclists to unnecessary risk. Those who have spare lights in their car can replace them immediately and don't have to look for a garage or lighting store first", says Gunnar Eberhardt, who is in charge of OSRAM's after-sales division.

Furthermore, having replacement lights in the car can pay off in the truest sense of the word. Those who travel abroad in their own cars within Europe are also on the safe side with the replacement light box in terms of traffic law. In Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Bosnia-Herzegovina, having replacement lights is legally required, and violating this regulation is punishable by fines.

More than just packaging . . .

The replacement light box from OSRAM is available for the halogen lights of the types H1, H4, and H7. In addition to the main headlight bulb, it contains five bulbs for the signal lamps as well. As a technical guide, the box also indicates which box is required for what car, and an application illustration assigns the proper lamp to all lighting outlets. Thanks to the innovative packaging from OSRAM, the box has a compact size (12x8x5 cm) and can easily be stored in the trunk or even the glove compartment, and does not even take up too much room on motorbikes. The very sturdy plastic surface offers optimum protection for the lights against shock. Three fuses (15 A, 20 A, and 30 A) complete the replacement part kit for car lights. All lamps have OSRAM's familiar original equipment quality.


OSRAM is part of the Industry sector of Siemens and one of the two leading light manufacturers in the world. In the financial year 2007 (ending on September 30, 2007) the company produced a turnover of 4.7 billion euros, 88 percent of which was generated abroad. OSRAM is a high-tech company in the lighting industry. Today some 60 percent of the turnover comes from energy-efficient products. The company is a global player with more than 41,000 employees worldwide, supplying customers in some 150 countries, and with more than 48 production facilities in 17 countries.

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