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Female cub discovers tundra enclosure and captures the hearts of visitors

(lifePR) (München, ) At the age of 14 weeks, Hellabrunn's cute female cub finally emerges from the mothering den to discover the world outside with mum Giovanna. The dawn of a new adventure!

After a little more than three months of snug comfort on wood chip bedding in the mothering den, the female cub's big day finally arrived. On Friday morning, a large press corps was invited to witness the recently born cub emerge from the mothering den for the first time to explore the tundra enclosure. The baby polar bear will then be on view for the public from Friday afternoon.

Everything is new, everything is exciting! Still somewhat unsteady on her feet, she ventured out cautiously, one paw after the other, onto the grounds of the tundra enclosure. Here there was so much new to discover: every ray of sun, every blade of grass and every stone had to be closely examined. Determined to explore everything, the little polar bear followed her mum Giovanna's every step and turn in the unknown world of Hellabrunn's polar bear outdoor enclosure.

After spending the last few months in the mothering den, Giovanna has used up almost all her fat reserves and as a result lost much weight. In fact, she has only just started to return to her normal diet: for the past few days she has been fed beef again - only one kilo per day for the time being to allow her digestive tract to gradually get used to solid foods. Her little one is still suckling milk from mum's teat, but every now and then tries a bit of fruit.

"I am very pleased that the female cub has developed so well over the past few months and is now ready to discover the spacious outdoor enclosure. She will surely have a lot to explore in the coming days," says Christine Strobl, Mayor and Chairman of the Board.

Zoo director Rasem Baban appeared equally thrilled on Friday: "In the last three months, Giovanna has shown herself to be an experienced and patient mother. It is a great joy to watch her show her cub the world outside the mothering den. The little one will discover more and more every day and become increasingly bolder. "

Thanks to the sponsorship deal with ProSieben, under its sustainability brand Green Seven, the little polar bear will play an important role as an ambassador for species and nature conservation. "It means a lot to me that the Hellabrunn polar bear family are ambassadors for their threatened relatives in the wild," says Rasem Baban. "One of our most important tasks is to educate visitors about the variety of life, raise awareness of the threat to biodiversity, and show them how important it is for us to preserve this wonderful planet." The info stand opposite the tundra enclosure offers plenty of information about polar bears and their habitat in the Arctic.

The name giving ceremony for the little female cub will take place on Thursday, 23 March.

From this Friday afternoon, visitors will be able to see the female cub in the polar bear outdoor enclosure. The animals are allowed to roam the zoo's tundra until about 4:30 pm. Mum and cub are also able to retreat indoors at any time, where they are no longer on view.

On Monday, 27 February, Hellabrunn Zoo will celebrate International Polar Bear Day. Children who visit the zoo dressed as polar bears will receive free admission. There will also be many exciting events to raise awareness for the plight of the polar bear.