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'Kids4climate:' DW's multimedia project against climate change

Bonn, (lifePR) - Launched to coincide with the COP23 climate conference in Bonn, Germany, DW’s multimedia project “Kids4climate” is giving children from around the globe a strong voice to draw attention to climate change in their home regions and what they can do to mitigate the effects.

Most adults probably won’t live to see the worst consequences of climate change. But for children around the world, effective climate protection is essential, because studies predict global warming over the coming decades. However, children are hardly being listened to in the political debates surrounding climate change. “It’s important to involve children in the discussion about climate change because they represent our future. Children are emotional and authentic. Their strong messages can help us reach the public on this important issue,” says Sonya Diehn, head of DW’s environment team.

The “Kids4climate” project aims to make children aware of ecological issues and to offer simple, yet effective activities to get them involved. Among other things, the multimedia-platform features video portraits showing children in Germany become climate protectors. Eleven-year old Jana is one of them. She started the initiative “Bicycle Friday” trying to get as many children as possible to ride their bikes to school at least once a week instead of traveling by car, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Other children planted trees, invented sustainable tools or convinced their parents to walk or use public transport. Some sent video messages to politicians, explaining – in their own words – how climate change directly affects their lives. The site also features DIY materials and tutorials showcasing ideas that kids or families can replicate. The goal is to engage the youngest generation and show that everyone can easily do his or her bit to protect the planet.

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