Dienstag, 16. Januar 2018

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Catella establishes debt advisory in Germany

Berlin, (lifePR) - Catella expands the German operations to include debt advisory services. The initiative is a step in the work of developing Catella's service offering, with the aim to deliver debt and equity as well as valuation services on all markets, in addition to the transaction advisory offered in all countries today.

"During 2012, we began the strategic work on harmonising our service offering in all countries. Germany is an important European market, and also one on which we perceive growth potential for Catella. Thus, it is natural that one of the first investments is being made precisely in Germany. We are extremely pleased to have recruited Simone Schmidt, with her cutting-edge expertise and broad experience from the financing area, to lead the work," says Anders Palmgren, Head of Corporate Finance.

Simone Schmidt has been recruited to start up and lead the German financing advisory services unit. She hails most recently from Ersten Abwicklungsanstal (EAA), the property liquidation unit of the German bank WestLB AG, and before that worked at Morgan Stanley, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank. Simone possesses broad experience within structured finance from transactions carried out in Germany and the rest of Europe.

"In today's market, the skill in linking together commercial property sectors with financing solutions constitutes a success factor for transaction advisors. At Catella, I will contribute my long experience within financing and, together with Catella's energetic team, we will be able to create offers which suit our clients' needs," says Simone Schmidt.

Catellas real estate advisory includes three main service areas; Sales and Acquisitions, Debt and Equity, and Research and Valuation. The operations are established in eleven European countries and comprise just over 200 employees. Read more at www.catellaproperty.com.

Catella Property GmbH

Catella offers specialised financial services and products within selected market segments. Catella has 440 employees in 12 European countries within two operating segments; Corporate Finance and Asset Management. Catella is listed on Nasdaq OMX, First North Premier. Read more about Catella at www.catella.com.

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