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B3 Biennial of the Moving Image 2017

Longing, Lust and other Obsessions 250 artists, academics and media producers will be reflecting through the guiding theme "ON DESIRE. Über das Begehren" on the current state and the future of the moving image sectors

(lifePR) (Frankfurt/Offenbach, ) Love, greed, lust, yearning, fear, longing, meaning human desire in all its facets form the focal point of this year’s B3 in Frankfurt and the RhineMain region, which after documenta 14 in Kassel, the Skulptur Projekte in Münster, and the Biennial in Venice brings an exciting year for art to a worthy conclusion by focusing on the moving image. The B3 feature exhibition in the festival center FOUR Frankfurt is showcasing new positions and moving image works by 70 national and international artists on the overarching theme of “ON DESIRE. Über das Begehren”. The B3 also includes an extensive short and feature film program, recent 360-degree productions, fulldome films, as well as a special focus on current virtual and augmented reality projects. From November 29 to December 20, 2017 around 250 artists academics, and media producers will present and discuss the current state and the future of the moving image sectors. This year the German art collector and the Lithuanian-US film pioneer Jonas Mekas will be presented with the B3 BEN Award for their lifetime achievement.

“The B3 has strongly emerged as a vibrant platform for creativity, inter-cultural exchange and art political discourse about the major questions of our time. I see it on the right path to becoming the most important and most influential moving image festival in Europe,” says Boris Rhein, Hessen Minister of Higher Education and the Arts.

Frankfurt’s Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture Dr. Ina Hartwig says: “The B3 brings people from various genres together, initiates important debates, and provides important impetus for the moving image sector. The collaboration between universities, museums, galleries and other institutions on the B3 Parcours makes it possible to experience art in an extraordinary way and strengthens Frankfurt’s cultural reputation abroad.”

3,000 square meters on desire
In the B3 feature exhibition “ON DESIRE. Über das Begehren” 70 artists from 20 countries address topics such as eroticism, loneliness, sexuality, home, flight, and identity in their video installations, short and feature films, games, and virtual and augmented reality projects. A total of 16 world, European, and German premieres underscore the artistic attraction of the B3. The top artists from all over the world include Federico Solmi (Italy/USA), Candice Breitz (South Africa), Julian Rosefeldt (Germany), Johan Grimonprez (Belgium), Igor Simic (Serbia), Claire Langan (Ireland), Johannes DeYoung (USA), Daniel Landau (Israel), and from China YANG Fudong, WANG Gongxin and XU Bing. The feature exhibition of the B3 will be staged across around a total exhibition space of 3,000 square meters in the B3 festival center in downtown Frankfurt, on the site of the future FOUR Frankfurt high-rise development.

“The B3 2017 is more up to date than ever before. In view of the far-reaching political and economic upheavals in the world, lots of artists feel called upon to take a clear stance in their art. Existential questions intertwine with artistic and technical aspects. Ther large number of world and Germany premieres demonstrates that we have hit a nerve with our over-arching theme,” says Prof. Bernd Kracke, Artistic Director of B3. In the preparation of the exhibition, forced migration, displacement, war, sexuality and sexual relations emerged as focal themes.

Witnesses and discoverers – B3 a forum for collectors
The collaboration with renowned collectors of time-based art is in this form new and unique. In Ingvild Goetz (Germany), Mario von Kelterborn (Germany), Carol Weinbaum (Canada), Manuel de Santaren (USA), Baryn Futa (USA), and Tony Podesta (USA), B3 was able to convince important collectors to work closely with the project. In the exhibition they are displaying items from their extensive collections of media art, including pieces by Marina Abramovic (Serbia), Matthew Barney (USA), Jesper Just (Denmark), Haroun Farocki (Germany), and Julian Rosefeldt (Germany)

B3 Festival with 60 Highlights
With almost 60 events the B3 conference agenda is bursting at the seams. Each day addresses specific aspects of the guiding theme “ON Desire. Über das Begehren”. Highlights include the keynotes by the British director Liam Young (“In The Robot Skies” 2016), by Kay Meseberg, Head of VR/360 @ ARTE, “Freed from Desire”, and by Chinese video art pioneer Wang Gongxin entitled “Desire for Truth”.
During the conference, Federico Solmi and Candice Breitz will provide detailed information about how they worked on and the motivation behind their B3 world premieres “The Great Farce” and “TLDR”. Furthermore, backgrounds, the latest currents and conflicts with regard to games, VR/AR and artificial intelligence (AI) will be addressed.
Under the heading of “Obsessions”, no less than four events take up the theme of sexuality in various facets. Among other things, they look at the aestheticization of sexuality and pornography using new and proven technologies (VR, film), and the digital revolution in the pornography industry. Ultimately the question “Man and Robot – Can it be Love?” arises.

World premiere: Griamces, Clowns and Dictators
Italian artist Federico Solmi will hold a mirror up to the world with a sensational production. In the form of “The Great Farce” he will be displaying at the B3 2017 what is his biggest animated project to date in a public space, a 9-channel video installation that will be projected onto the combined frontage of the Schauspiel and Oper Frankfurt buildings in the form of a 110-meter long panorama. He unmasks “reality” as an eternal amusement park. With his mix of images from games, pop culture and drawings, the Italian has been captivating the international art world for some time now. This major project marks the first time that Schauspiel Frankfurt has been a B3 partner. Everyone in Frankfurt is cordially invited to the launch of the installation from 7.30 p.m. on November 28 on Willy-Brandt-Platz.

World premiere: Between privileges and social justice
South African video artist Candice Breitz will be presenting the world premiere of “TLDR” at the B3. The portrait of a community of sex workers who live and work in Cape Town is wholly in line with the B3 guiding theme “ON DESIRE”. The 13-channel video installation produced for the B3 2017 was made from a series of interviews and an intensive workshop with the participants who are presented, and from discussions between Candice Breitz and the Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT) – the charitable organization with which the sex workers work. In principle, TLDR is a continuation of Breitz’ Love Story (2016) and invites viewers to think about the relationship between being white, privileges, and visibility, and reflects on the declining attention span in a culture that has elevated being famous to a fetish and that lives ever more off entertainment In view of the often difficult relationship between art and social action, the work attempts to clarify the extent to which privileged artists help demands for social justice be successful and as such whether they can represent marginalized communities.

B3 film program
This year’s B3 film program stands out for its premieres and accomplished stories. Visitors can look forward to works by great names such as Guillermo del Toro, Todd Haynes, Martin McDonagh and Julian Rosefeldt, as well as to committed auteur cinema, for example from Iran and Israel. In different ways, all the works in the B3 film program address the guiding theme “ON DESIRE”. In total 15 films, including six premieres, from Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Israel, Iran, Canada and the USA, will be rated by the film fans – and the competition jury. The themes range from poetic love stories, a longing for deliverance, and cannibalism to queer identities in the North American punk scene. From over 250 entries, 15 works from 12 countries (Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Austria, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Hungarny, USA) were shortlisted for the short film competition.
This year, the jury for both competitions comprises the director Giulio Ricciarelli (Chairman), the actor Johann von Bülow, and the curator Kelly Gordon (USA).

Welcome to the holodeck
The B3 offers a very special immersive joint experience: the fulldome film.
Panoramic projections onto a 360° dome completely surround the observers, enabling them to immerse themselves totally in breathtaking worlds. Eight international programs of contemporary immersive art and short films will be shown in the B3 dome. These make our own virtual realties, in other words what we have in our minds – inner images, desires, thoughts, feelings, ideas, precisely virtual things – real.

Art through glasses
The B3 focus on “Virtual and Augmented Reality” is about new forms of and formats for film narratives in virtual reality. The B3 will present pioneering productions in the fields of film, art, games and immersive works.
No less than two VR cinemas fitted out by the B3 partner Evrbit promise a very special and pleasurable immersive experience. In the festival center FOUR Frankfurt (Junghofstrasse 5-9) and in the festival venue Cinema Frankfurt (Rossmarkt 7) in both instances an audience of around 30 will be able to watch the same film simultaneously using VR goggles, with the cinema’s loudspeaker system providing the sound. The program features VR films from France, Italy, Italy, Korea, and the USA. For a B3 special, Franco-German cultural TV channel ARTE is curating four immersive works for the ARTE360 app, which are devoted to the B3 motto of “On Desire”. Freedivers accompany the audience to sperm whales and dolphins, while the painter Paul Gauguin takes us on a trip to Tahiti and into some of his most famous paintings. The mystery of extraterrestrial life is the theme of “Aliens”. “Alteration/Fremdkörper” addresses artificial intelligence.

Pleasure in gaming
Games have been a major feature of the B3 since they premiered in 2013. This year there is again no way of avoiding the computer game industry. Lust, passion, longing, even addiction, everything that games are is manifested in the B3 guiding theme Leitthema “ON DESIRE. Über das Begehren”. In the B3 conference program six events address current artistic and economic questions to do with the computer games industry, among them the ongoing issue of funding. The speakers include Petra Fröhlich (GamesWirtschaft), Alexander Ganz (Ganz & Stock), Michael Liebe (Booster), René Meyer (Haus der Computerspiele Leipzig), Shalev Moran (Games Program Curator for the Print Screen Festival, Israel), Christoph Nagel (Kickstarter), Tom Putzki (Wargaming Europe), Robin Resch (Urbandialogues/La Bour Games).

B3 Parcours
The third edition of the B3 will also be extending its sphere of activity in the Rhine-Main region in the form of the B3 Parcours, with which important cultural institutions can make their own contributions to the guiding theme “ON DESIRE. Über das Begehren”. The B3 Parcours has been sponsored by Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain since 2013. “With the B3 Parcours, a major element of the Biennial, we draw people’s attention to the creative power of Hessen as a media center and increase perception of the Rhein-Main region as a vibrant cultural region,” managing director Dr. Helmut Müller says.
In 2017, the following entities will be taking part in the B3 Parcours: Schauspiel/Oper Frankfurt, Frankfurter Kunstverein, PORTIKUS Frankfurt, Deutsches Filmmuseum, Cinema Frankfurt, the “The Formation of Normative Orders” Cluster of Excellence at Goethe University Frankfurt/Main, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, MUSEUM SINCLAIR-HAUS Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe, and Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden.

B3 2017
The third B3 Biennial of the Moving Image will take place from November 29 to December 3, 2017, with the B3 feature exhibition running until December 20, 2017. The biennial aims on the one hand to create a broad-based interdisciplinary and cross-genre alliance for the moving image, and on the other to offer the international creative and cultural industry a platform for exchange and business.
The B3 Biennial of the Moving Image is organized by Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach (HfG).  FOUR Frankfurt, Canon, satis&fy, evrbit and WiSag are the main partners of the B3. Schenker Technologies GmbH is a cooperation partner. The biennial is supported by the Hessen Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts (HMWK), Hessische Landesanstalt für privaten Rundfunk und neue Medien (LPR Hessen) and the City of Frankfurt/Main. B3 is further sponsored by Kulturfonds Frankfurt Rhein Main, HessenFilm und Medien, the Creative Hub Frankfurt, Wirtschaftsförderung Frankfurt/Frankfurt Economic Development, Sparda Bank, Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822, DVAG, and Sylvia and Friedrich von Metzler. International cooperation partners are the Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing (China), the College of Design & Innovation at Tongji University Shanghai (China), the Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts Chongqinq (China), the ZHdK Zurich (Switzerland), the Center for Collaborative Art and Media at Yale University (USA) as well as Laval Virtual (France).

Press events, an overview

November 28, 2017, 7 p.m.
B3 Opening Night at Cinema and all other B3 locations in Frankfurt

November 28, 2017, 7.30 p.m.
B3 meets Frankfurt – Public launch of the 110-meter long facade projection “The Great Farce” by Federico Solmi, Schauspiel/Oper Frankfurt, Willy-Brandt-Platz

December 3, 2017, 7 p.m.
B3 BEN Award Night, Schauspiel Frankfurt

December 3, 7.30 p.m.
Prize-giving ceremony for short and feature films, Cinema Frankfurt