Mittwoch, 20. September 2017

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AmD Tuning Package for 2.0 Mazda MX-5 (ND)

Software remap with performance exhaust and sports-cat or de-cat downpipe

RM20 3LE, (lifePR) - Cobra Sport, AmD's racing partner, recently introduced a range of performance exhaust options to improve the performance and sound of the latest MX-5 ND. These options include a direct replacement exhaust with offset single tailpipe as well as dual and centre exit exhaust conversions.

Testing of the non resonated dual exit exhaust with second de-cat pipe revealed an impressive +7.4 lb-ft gain in torque with greatly improved power and torque curves in the lower rev range. However. team any of the exhaust options up with an AmD remap and the whole thing exceeds all expectations. Due to increased efficiency, the combination creates more power than just the sum of the gains that would be achieved by the exhaust, downpipe and software added together.

Because the AmD remap has been designed specifically to work with the Cobra Sport exhaust system you can be sure that everything will work with maximum efficiency and without any fault codes being triggered in error.

AmD Tuning also offer FREE FITTING on all Cobra Sport Exhausts - or, if you prefer to buy by mail order and fit it yourself, AmD will offer 10% off and FREE DELIVERY - which can represent a significant saving on a full system. Furthermore, if you buy an AmD Tuning performance remap at the same time as a Cobra Sport Exhaust you can have the remap at HALF the usual retail price!

Contact AmD Tuning for further details on 01708 861827 or visit

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