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"Thunder & Lightning" Luxury Engraving

Atelier Trompeter & Ritchi stands worldwide for luxury engravings and the finest handcrafted knives

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Thunder & Lightning
When the earth shakes, and thunder and lightning proclaim their supremacy over the sky, and the elements experience a violent separation from the whole, symbolically discharged into the duality of material being.

The powerful manifestation of opposite polarity

Unbridled forces of nature embodied in the black and white horses powerfully confront us with the duality of being, the opposite yet complementary forces in our material existence - in life and death, dark and light, love, passion, reason and hunting.

The fiery white light zigzagging across the night sky but for only a moment in time represents power, purity and precision - the birth of reality and beauty in the shape of "Lightning", the white stallion.

The powerful, dramatic presence and strength of the beautiful black stallion epitomizes the elemental force of the thunder. This explosive discharge of negative polarity electrifies the dark storm clouds releasing the source of life - pure water. The life cycle is completed.


The darkness is gone The sky breaks open and its powerful presence comes upon us like Lightning, the unleashed force leaving us awed.

Explosive power, beauty and speed, embodied in the white horse - those noble creatures that chose to submit and serve man in the enhancement of civilization.

"Lightning" is the first rifle in a set of two, with the second rifle "Thunder" awaiting its completion in 2015.

The Magazine Belt by Trompeter & Ritchi
On the magazine plate a Bulino engraving in incredible detail by metal artist Ritchi Maier, all done by hand, on a solid 18k white gold plate "To achieve such realistic effects, traditional engraving is simply not enough.
What I used here for this horse engraving were techniques that I have spent over 30 years learning, developing and refining."

"I am not content just to depict or engrave a horse," says Ritchi Maier.
When people look at it, he wants them "to hear the hooves galloping and the water splashing."

Bulino Master Engraving Technique

High-definition Bulino or dot engraving on steel with a fine burin produces almost photographic quality designs. The effect is achieved by graving thousands of microscopically small dots and lines that reproduce an image in finest detail by reflecting light for tones from pale to dark.

Varying degrees and angles of pressure result in different shades - from grey to almost black. The technique is so fine it can only be performed under a microscope with special tools that have the cutting edge and precision of a scalpel.

Atelier Trompeter & Ritchi stands worldwide for luxury engravings and the finest handcrafted knives.

Since 1994, Trompeter & Ritchi has been the address for the finest engravings, scrimshaws and handcrafted luxury objects. "The spirit of creation is the inspiration for the objects that we form." This sentence aptly encapsulates the philosophy of Trompeter & Ritchi.

Luxury engravings - up to 700 hand-engraved points per mm²
Engraver Richard Maier crafts each of his works under a microscope and purely by hand. Every motif consists of tens of thousands of lines and points. Up to a hundred hand-engraved points per square millimetre are possible.The structures become "visible" through a special staining procedure. Richard Maier's steel and scrimshaw engravings thus obtain a realistic effect.

"I see my works as poetry. This requires the knowledge of words and forming sentences. This is comparable to the craftsmanship of engraving. To grind a burin and therefore to engrave a simple line is as if you are learning the alphabet. My engravings are poems, they tell stories," says Ritchi Maier about his works.

Cisel Engraving
The plaited knots in the horse's mane are like our lives with all their paths and detours, intertwined and interlinked, and sometimes of mysterious complexity.

The horse hair, artfully engraved, thus symbolizes the beginning and the end.

Like a landscape this perfectly chiseled work features its own topography A masterfully executed piece of deep relief work. The horse hair and plaited mane details were artistically modeled in the steel and flow in marvelous detail all over the gun

Lightning strikes
Countless tiny dots were engraved by hand around each lightning branch in the inlaid steel.

A special oxidation and coloring process finally created the desired shade of colour to produce the thunderstorm effect.

18k white gold, inlaid in steel.
"Now I can see the lightning and hear the thunder,"
said Richard Maier satisfied at the end of the multi-layer work on the pistol grip cap.

The incredibly fine horse image is engraved on a solid 18k white gold plate and has a border of 86 flawless Top Wesselton diamonds, which give it a virtually divine brilliance - a regal quality.

The weapon
An elegant, highly efficient Fanzoj bolt action rifle, built around a Mauser 98 action, the best and safest bolt action mechanism in the world, in the proven calibre .375 H&H Mag, with cold-hammer forged 63 cm barrel of premium AMS (Aerospace Material Specification) steel; mounted with ZEISS Victory HT 2.5-10x50 and regulated to 100 m over scope and open sights.

The gun stock in a rich, dark color is crafted from top-notch Circassian walnut burr, the strongest and most beautiful wood in the world, stored for ten years to bring the natural humidity down to below 10%.

The extraordinary mirror-like surface is the result of time-consuming filing and sanding techniques in combination with traditional oils laboriously applied over many months bringing to life the wood's complex depth of color and grain, and simultaneously protecting it even from rugged use.

Engraving design by Trompeter & Ritchi.

Designed as a luxury set of two exquisite bolt action rifles, Thunder & Lightning incorporate breathtakingly beautiful images of a black and a white stallion - a symbol of the elemental rces at work and the stark contrasts in our lives. "Lightning" with the spectacular white horse is the first rifle in the set.

exclusively handcrafted oak gun case in black leather on the exterior, with silver grey lcantara inside, compartments in black alligator, complete with exquisite tools and accessories made of buffalo horn/nickel silver.

Alpha and Omega

The diamonds are pavé set in white gold. Alpha and Omega - beginning and end alike The ancient sign of Alpha is reflected in the braiding of the mane. The Omega in the shape of the horseshoe on the bolt handle is intended as a reminder of finiteness, which also gives way to a new beginning.

Together they form the beginning and the end, as if they were the key to the universe - from separate entities back to a whole.

About passion and dedication
It is not always apparent where the voyage will lead to when Fanzoj engages in the realisation of yet another "theme rifle", considering the challenges that walking unknown ground always bring.

A number of such have been created in the past - amazing works of technical engineering, objects of beauty and cultural value - that have propelled Fanzoj into the worldwide elite of specialty and boutique firms. Driven by a sense of perfection and an open mind to explore, the firm takes great pleasure in pushing the boundaries of gunmaking a step further back with each extraordinary project.

A statement of class and timeless elegance.
"Thunder and Lightning" are of a very special, fine quality with the theme, the duality of being, embodied in the beautifully expressive images of black and white stallions. The precision workmanship is immediately evident. Light-colored metal parts harmonise wonderfully with the rifle's dark, reddish stock.

The tasteful combination of precious materials, white gold and diamonds, make the gun exceptionally valuable, yet it still looks understated.

A balanced ensemble of a light, dreamlike character that stuns with its distinctive creativity and beauty.

Thunder and Lightning is unique - a true original
Its creation is the result of dedicated teamwork between world best artisans - Fanzoj's gunsmiths, stockmaker, saddler, tool and case maker - and the creative crew, designer, engravers and goldsmith. The company guarantees that this weapon is unique and will never replicate the design idea. Collectors' items of such quality take an incredibly long time to complete and require great personal commitment on the part of the firm. This is why they are rare, sought after and have and always will endure as desirable objects of lasting value.
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Atelier Trompeter & Ritchi stands worldwide for luxury engravings and the finest handcrafted knives.

Since 1994, Trompeter & Ritchi has been the address for the finest engravings, scrimshaws and handcrafted luxury objects. "The spirit of creation is the inspiration for the objects that we form." This sentence aptly encapsulates the philosophy of Trompeter & Ritchi.

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