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Wellness and family holidays in the three-star hotel in Lalling, Bavarian forest

Bavaria, (lifePR) - The trend "Wellness" in holidays expands - also families appreciate it more and more! In the Thula land hotel in Lalling one can find many suitable offers for the whole family. There are very good reductions for children and young people to 17 years - and also own rooms are possible. Inexpensive Wellness treatments like a 30 minutes massage for 20,-€ and much more make the stay unforgettable. Treatments for problem skin and special child Wellness practices like the "Pizza Massage" round the offer. Here you can find something for each family member's desires! There are many accommodations available, for example family rooms and studios, Wellness Suites or a Feng Shui Suite. All sweatbaths and the rock indoor swimming pool are accessable and usable for children and young people as for adults. As in other comparable establishments children under 12 years should always visit the sweatbaths in companion of their parents. You can also book the outside whirlpool for two hours for only 15,-€! The whole family has enough space for enjoying the whirlpool! An additional very special bath offer is the bath lake in the nearby Feng Shui Kurpark!

But also the nature experience Bavarian forest should not get a raw deal! Start with your children into the forest! Hiking, canoeing and visiting the national park are great experiences. Of course hiking with children and young people is sometimes a little bit complicated. But even in that case we can help you! Just avoid boring forest paths and set an interesting goal! Often the trampling path through the copsewood is many more exciting! Also nature trails and fitness parkours with devices for doing gymnastics can be found in the forest. On the "Gehnuß Weg" ('enjoying going path') the forest can be explored with all senses! What gives variety in forest activities are the new high-wire-parks and the new treetop path!

Furthermore the national park Bavarian forest is the oldest national park of Germany. Two information centers offer fabulous insights for the whole family! An animal film cinema, many changing exhibitions and interactive computer programmes expect the visitors! Many animal enclosures attract children and young people as also the adults! The river 'Schwarzer Regen' is very shallow. So also families with young children can master jointly a canoe trip! Practically the river flows directly through the forest. So you can have a fantasic view on the 'inner' Bavarian forest! Only few localities are nearby the 'Rio Negro' - adepts speak also of " Bavarian Canada" because of its untouchedness!

The www.thula-landhotel.de supplies the guests with information and tips, so that nothing can ruin a relaxing and harmonious family and Wellness vacation!

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