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Perplexus: 3-D maze game takes Germany by storm

Perplexus now as exclusive German version by Pegasus Spiele

Friedberg, (lifePR) - Patience and sleight of hand are necessary to move the marble through the 3-D maze inside the transparent sphere. Challenging barriers and obstacles have to be overcome by twisting and turning the "Perplexus" in every possible direction. There are multiple tracks that can be chosen so the game will never get boring. The brain puzzle challenges motor and dexterity while it is fun to play at the same time. Once you start playing, it is impossible to put it down again.

"Perplexus" is one of the best-selling toys in Northern America. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland it is distributed exclusively by Pegasus Spiele. The fun game is available as "Perplexus Original" (ages 6 and up), as "Perplexus Rookie" (ages 4 and up) for beginners and as pro version "Perplexus Epic" (ages 8 and up). In the next months, various "Perplexus"-themed events are taking place all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland to make it an all-time classic like the Rubik's Cube.

In the late seventies 3-D design teacher Michael McGinnis developed the promising concept for "Perplexus" as a project for an art class. It took 20 years until he got the chance to collaborate with the toy industry. Another 10 years later, the current "Perplexus Original", that is sold worldwide, saw the light of day and has succeeded in writing another chapter of the unique success story. It reached the Top 5 Toy-ranking in the USA and is now going to take Germany, Austria and Switzerland by storm.

Perplexus Rookie
Distributor: Pegasus Spiele
EAN: 4250231704178
Format: 15,40 cm × 17,90 cm × 17,90 cm
Age: 4 and up

Perplexus Original
Distributor: Pegasus Spiele
EAN: 4250231704161
Format: 17,90 cm × 19,20 cm × 20,50 cm
Age: 6 and up

Perplexus Epic
Distributor: Pegasus Spiele
EAN: 4250231704185
Format: 20,50 cm × 21,80 cm × 21,80 cm
Age: 8 and up
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