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MZ closes its offices - Emmenrausch continues on

official MZ-motorcycle gathering

Regis-Breitingen, (lifePR) - On June 6, 2008, it was announced that the once biggest motorcycle factory in the world will irrevocably disappear from the world stage. In Zschopau, the cradle of motorcycle manufacturing, the holy grounds of the two-wheeler factory will be closed by the end of the year. The production of the MZ will be stopped. Ever since the official announcement of the closure many MZ friends have asked whether their yearly event highlight EMMENRAUSCH will also be annulled. Taking a look at about three million produced machines from 1950 on, the answer is clear: the EMMENRAUSCH continues on!
The traditional devotion will take place on 12 - 14 September.

However, for the last time the event will be held on the factory's grounds. For all who would like to take a last glance at the motorcycle factory this will be definitely the last chance.

Simplicity, plain elegance, clear forms and robustness were the ingredients which over decades turned countless two-wheel gourmets into MZ enthusiasts.

Since this will not change in the near future the EMMENRAUSCH will carry on. The event will, as it does every year, show a good variety of series of models for the visitors to be marvelled at. Hobbyists and fanciers will once again get the opportunity to use this platform in order to exchange views and show their 'masterpieces' to others.

Restored vintage cars true to original are sought after as well as the individually tuned and modified MZs. Unlike modern models a great amount of elbowroom has been given for tuning at all of the Emmes. Once again the most beautiful motorcycles of every category will be judged by a competent judging panel and awarded with a cup. A diverse social programme during the course of the day and the evening programme on Friday and Saturday will top off the party weekend. No less a figure than the biker combo TORFROCK will be responsible for the amusement of the MZ community and will surely whoop it up in the motorcycle factory Zschopau-Hohndorf. Further information on the itinerary will be found on the internet page:
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