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Rapid Quality Manufacturing, Inc. first company worldwide to buy Materialise’s Magics e-RP software

Ann Arbor, (lifePR) - The US office of Materialise NV, world leader in software development for the Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (RP&M) industry, is exhibiting at SME's 'Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing 2008' from May 20th to 22nd, booth 501. At the show Materialise will officially announce Rapid Quality Manufacturing, Inc. (RQM) as the first customer worldwide of its Magics e-RP solution.

Magics e-RP is an advanced software solution for project and process management within additive fabrication set-ups. It enables its users to streamline and automate the entire RP&M process, from order follow-up and data preparation, through platform scheduling and machine monitoring, to production planning and part tracking. It is considered by industry leaders as an essential step to move from RP to RM.

On October 15th, 2007 RQM, a subsidiary company of Morris Technologies, Inc. (MTI), started beta testing the 1.2 version of Magics e-RP. With version 1.3 and therewith Magics e-RP now released to the market, RQM is extremely pleased to be able to integrate Magics e-RP in their operations. "Magics e-RP is a powerful tool for companies that are leading the RP industry into a true 'production environment'", says Curt Taylor, President of RQM. "RQM knew that it needed Magics e-RP from the very beginning, as it is the only system that is fine-tuned for usage in the additive fabrication industry".

Materialise is delighted to welcome RQM on board as its first Magics e-RP customer. Magics e-RP is a new technology and is clearly not an off-the-shelf product. It is a system which needs some degree of customization for each individual company and needs integration into the company's process. "We need to control the roll-out of the system to the market", says Wim Michiels, Vice President of Materialise Software, "as we want to ensure high quality implementation projects. Working with a company like RQM and Curt Taylor in particular has been enriching, as they have a strong vision of the future of additive manufacturing as a production process - and the role of Magics e-RP therein. We are confident that Magics e-RP will be valuable for them to meet their ambitious goals".
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