Freitag, 20. Juli 2018

Google Play opens strong distribution opportunities for Feiyr customers

Vachendorf, (lifePR) - The streaming service Google Play Music All Inclusive has started at 6 December in Germany and is supplied by the online music distribution service Feiyr customers can also take advantage of the streaming service of the Internet giant to market their tracks and boost their sales. Feiyr sells music already to more than 300 well-known stores and streaming services worldwide, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, YouTube, or Ampya. "Google Play supplemented as another important portal our list of stores and streaming services. Our customers will benefit of this highly competitive market of streaming services" says Feiyrs CEA Armin Wirth.

20 million songs for just 10 euros a month

Music lovers can use Google Play Music All Inclusive for 30 days free of charge. Someone, who will book a subscription until 15th January, will pay 7.99 euros per month, afterwards the service will cost 9.99 euros. The user has access to around 20 million tracks, he can save up to 20,000 songs for free and he can create personalized radio stations. Google Play is linked to all other Google services. The streaming service works on Android and iOS operating systems, as well as online. It is already available in 20 countries.

GEMA license agreement secures compensation

The market entry of this service in Germany made a license agreement with GEMA possible. This agreement ensures rights holders represented by GEMA, an appropriate compensation, according to a statement of the collecting society.
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Feiyr is based in the bavarian town of Vachendorf-Traunstein. Feiyr is one of the largest music distribution companies in digital mp3 distribution and vinyl field worldwide. Currently, Feiyr sells, manages or attends to 1.187.295 Tracks on 210.981 albums of 20.861 labels with 190.828 artists. The Feiyr song distribution company was founded by Armin Wirth in 1993. It employs a staff of 24.

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