Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017

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Drum Cafe performed at the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony when the competitors entered the field

Drum Cafe's drumming represented Africa in the 5 continents drumming concept

Dietzenbach, (lifePR) - Drum Cafe is the pioneer and world leader for interactive drumming programs that make any event unforgettable! The world-class program, in which everyone gets a drum, builds teams, unites companies, and motivates staff. Drum Cafe's success in conferences, teambuilding, other events and performances is proven in over 20 countries and 20,000 events. Offices are located on 4 continents including (... insert your location here for your press release in your region)

For the Olympic Games opening concept of 5 different drumming groups representing 5 continents while the competitors enter the field Drum Cafe's team from South Africa represented the African continent in a stunning performance. Together with the other performers from the other continents, the sound of the drums could be heard for minutes by a billion people across the globe. Those who know Drum Cafe from previous events or the Drumstruck stage shows could easily recognize the famous beats that are associates with the shows. A heartbeat is the first thing that we hear in our live. No wonder that a beat can unite competitors and audiences from all over the world.
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