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Tummy Tingler - Better than an antacid for an upset stomach

(lifePR) (Köln, ) There aren't too many things more unnerving than eating exotic foods that still have eyes and ears attached. Well except maybe speaking in public. But right now you'd rather address the world on live television than keep poking at the local appetizer that's making you sick to your stomach. Good thing you have this ideal everyday bag to keep the rest of your life and body elements organized. It holds what you always need nearby. The sweet new Tummy Tingler has a cool overlapping wave design and it can't decide if it wants to be your new best friend or your best accessory holder.

- Original 1000d Chicken Tex Supreme(TM) hyper performance accessory fabric with waterproof Ripstop Lining
- Comfy Chicken Tex shoulder strap
- Zip closed main compartment, 2 external zip pockets
- RRP: 59,-- Euro

4 colours
- oatmeal/lt. orange
- black olive/sand
- dirty brown/seeded mustard
- black/steel grey

- Outside: 38x39x14 cm Room for the shopping gear, money, mobile and camera
- Main compartment with room for all the important things
- Zip closed main compartment
- 2 external zip pockets, one left and one right - that's good for the balance