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Clear Runway - You just told your boss to buzz off

(lifePR) (Köln, ) Quite frankly, you just can't be bothered anymore with all the crap. The mounting stack of bills, the incessant whining from co-workers, the ridiculous demands from your socalled friends, a pile of parking tickets, your pet goldfish died and you think you might be developing Ricketts. So slide up to a 15" laptop, the Down Touch or some A4 books into this stress-buster and see all obstacles in your way. What you need is to get the heck out of Dodge, and right now. Well, at least you can day dream while looking like a total badass using your Clear Runway.

- Original 1000d Chicken Tex Supreme(TM) hyper performance accessory fabric with waterproof Ripstop Lining
- Adjustable shoulder strap with removable shoulder pad
- Padded laptop sleeve
- Velcro and buckle closed front flap
- External zip pocket with organiser (pocket for Down Touch travel organiser, 2 mesh pockets, 3 pen holders)
- 7 internal slip pockets
- RRP: 120,-- Euro

- 4 colours


- External zip pocket with organiser
-Velcro and buckle closed front flap
- pocket for Down Touch travel organiser
- Padded laptop sleeve and internal pockets

- Outside: 49x39x16 cm
- 12", 13", 14" and 15" laptops, A4 books, heaps of cable,
- accessories, food, drinks and the Down Touch travel Organiser