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Custom made by greybax: felt classics to underline your brand image

Nettetal, (lifePR) - Purist in design, greybax felt carrier boxes, storage containers and bags combine functionality with timeless contemporary style and a simple design. The consistently minimalist design and deliberate austere appearance of the strong, durable materials are part of the greybax philosophy. Our creative, durable products with a broad range of everyday practical uses make for a compelling range.

The fact that the greybax story began with a custom-made bag manufactured for a trade fair is not the only reason we are especially sensitive to the individual needs of companies when it comes to finding something that bit different to the run of the mill selection. Our products can be found in our online shop,, in other online shops and in select stores.

greybax felt products benefit from years of expertise and experience in the textile floor covering industry, where the special felt was used as a comfortable underlay to provide stability as well as special acoustic and ergonomic features. As a result, greybax felt classics comprise qualities that make them ideal for the home, as well as shops and commercial buildings. A carrier box designed for sales representatives to carry samples also looks great and functions brilliantly as a box for firewood. This demonstrates the scope of greybax product uses, and the overlap between home and business use.

greybax products can be customised to provide individual solutions for companies and brands. We can manufacture different shapes and sizes of our products, for example, which can be stitched with an emphasis on durability. When you need a special carrier or storage solution, greybax custom-made felt products are a great addition to furnishings, design and communication.

Custom made by greybax: examples of what we've done for other companies

greybax designed felt bags for zeyko, the kitchen manufacturer, with the company logo stitched onto them. The bags were custom made to fit samples for meetings with customers. Functional features, the ability of the bags to hold a lot of weight and protect transported samples in a simple design all appealed to zeyko. Branding was stitched on.

The Swiss pharmaceutical company Cipralex opted for the universal PICK UP 35 carrier box from the greybax range, as a striking, long-lasting, effective form of promotion. Branded discreetly with the company logo, the felt boxes were used to hold newspapers and magazines or toys in doctor's waiting rooms.

A greybax carrier box for transporting and presenting samples and documentation was the natural choice for the space acoustics consultancy company Silentrooms, which distributes a wide range of sound absorbers. The textile material of the greybax felt box, which, thanks to its nature, comes with built-in acoustic properties, perfectly encapsulated the visual image Silentrooms wished to convey.

greybax also designed small boxes for toys for the younger guests at a hotel in Austria. And a car showroom chose to complete their range of practical accessories with the PICK UP car boot box, a bestseller from the greybax range.

greybax offers a broad range of solutions for shops, showrooms, offices and commercial buildings. From storing items to presenting a product range; our products function as transport and carrier boxes, sample holders for sales representatives, storage and filing systems for the office, boxes for kids' toys, firewood baskets, wine boxes, felt bags for accessories and much, much more.

greybax products are available from the online shop: and in select stores.

greybax felt products
Cleven Projekt GmbH, Nettetal, Germany

greybax - are felt bags and felt products for people who value design quality in everyday life. On the way, at home, at the office, on business trips, shopping, playing sport, on holiday and in your leisure time, greybax are useful companions who captivate thanks to their aesthetic quality. greybax are manufactured from a technical special felt with 50% recycled material, in an environmentally friendly manner in Germany.

greybax products are available from the online shop: and in selected stores.
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