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Flowing bathroom objects in steel/enamel: BetteLux

From the rectangular panel into the organic shape of bath and washbasin

Delbrück, (lifePR) - Some products can be read. Their shapes tell their stories. The bath and washbasin BetteLux belong to this category, and the story told by them is the story of how they came to be created. The material flows from the rectangle of the steel panel into the shape of the bath. "Almost like a spanned surface that changes its shape as it fills with water," says Dominik Tesseraux of the Potsdam design studios Tesseraux + Partner. He developed the elegant bathroom objects for Bette. The bathroom planner has the choice between two installation options. The visual effect of this steel and enamelled surface is seen to its best effect in the flush-fit installation in stone or other slab materials. If the wall rim of just 8 mm thickness is sunk, it becomes evident that a new category of built-in bathroom object has been created here. However, the narrow rim also develops its full effect if standing on a plinth.

Contrast between geometry and organic shape

The new development was a tremendous challenge for the specialists at the Bette factory in Delbrück. Because often something that looks easy and elegant at the end is in fact very difficult to turn into reality. The contrast between geometry and organic shape not only conceals state-of-the-art expertise in forming technology, but above all skilled craftsmanship. Using the BetteLux bath as an example: the severely geometric bath rim that blends ceaselessly with the soft surfaces of the bath body is only 8 mm thick. Shaping the folded, welded and then finely enamelled steel into its ultimate perfect shape demands a high level of skill. Bette's professionals invest a tremendous amount of time, their passion for the material and the highest precision in this product in order to help the hard steel run its course under the fine enamel.

Flowing enamelled steel

The BetteLux range includes, as well as the bath, washbasins in the same design language. They are available as counter top and built-in washbasins for consoles and as freestanding wall-mounted washstands 60, 80 and 100 cm wide. With no corners or edges, the enamelled steel flows towards the outlet, automatically following the natural course of the water.

Once again, BetteLux illustrates how well suited this material is to the development of bathroom objects. The natural raw materials glass, water and steel are used to shape products with surfaces that are brilliant as well as skin-friendly and easy to clean - and at the same time are stable and solid. The steel-enamel does not make a sound, nor does it move when the user wishes to stand, relax or stretch out in it.

The ecological quality of the BetteLux range (and of all Bette's other products) is confirmed by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. This EPD complies with ISO 14025.
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Bette GmbH & Co. KG

That bathroom objects create individual bathrooms – and reflect the aesthetic and functional identity of the users – is the claim of bathroom specialist Bette. For more than 60 years, Bette has perfected the use of the natural raw materials glass, water and titanium steel. The company was founded in 1952 by Heinrich Bette and Günther Schlichtherle in Delbrück in Westphalia/Germany, and specialises in the processes of steel-forming and enamelling. Today, the company employs 330 people at its production and administration centre in Delbrück. Over 600 different models of baths, shower trays and washstands are made here, made in Germany, in a wide range of surface colours.

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