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Attractive and comfortable: A bath that's both

BetteComodo: A new single bath for comfort without compromise, with a matching washbasin

Delbrück, (lifePR) - There's no shortage of baths - with a choice of either being attractive or comfortable. The conflicting aims of design and comfort are not always easy to reconcile. Unless, like Bette, you develop a bath to provide unlimited enjoyment - and then make it attractive too. The result is reflected in this bath's name. It's called the BetteComodo (Italian for comfortable) , and that's how it looks too. The Potsdam-based design studio Tesseraux und Partner can take the credit for the great shape of this comfortable bath.

A bath is a luxury in terms of both space and time - because it takes up space in a small bathroom and takes time to use. In recent years, the steel/enamel specialist company, Bette, based in eastern Westphalia has interpreted these ideas in more and more new design pieces. With BetteComodo, the team of developers, led by designer Dominik Tesseraux, followed a different route They analysed the Bette range and identified the factors that make a bath so comfortable. To do this, much sampling, discussion and analysis took place at Bette in Delbrück The shape of the back requires a certain angle and roundness. As head of marketing, Sven Rensinghoff said: "The secret is in getting the right combination of angle and radius in the part of the bath you lie in - if that's done properly, you can see that the bath is comfortable just by looking at it."

Purpose-designed single bath

BetteComodo has a comfortable width at the head end. The radius even widens slightly andthe edge serves as a support for the arms. In order to be comfortable, it mustn't be too low. The bath is therefore 45 cm deep, which is enough even to prevent taller people's knees sticking out of the water. The bath is a purpose-built single bath, and to reflect that the plughole has been moved from the sitting part into the foot area. The steep sides at the foot end provide generous space for lying down, and also a secure standing surface for when the bath is being used for showering.

For people who like to take frequent long baths

Advanced production technology has given the built-in steel/enamel a rim height of only 20 mm and that also has a radius of just eight mm in the corners. These advances result in a bath that looks extremely stylish. Bette Managing Director Thilo C. Pahl: "We wanted to take a different approach to the subject of an optimised bath: BetteComodo is made for people who like to take frequent baths and who also like to spend some time in the bath."

As a material, steel/enamel provides a good basis for comfort, robustness and easy care, even in conditions of frequent and extended use - as well as staying warm and being gentle on the skin.

Steel/enamel washbasins of the same design are also available. Here the bathroom planner and the customer have a choice of different variants and sizes. Built-in and counter top basins are available, as well as wall-mounted solutions in the widths 60, 80 and 100 cm. Also new is a matching cabinet range to complement the washbasin and bath: BetteModules is a modular undermounted and complementary furniture concept that represents a modern way of creating storage space with drawers. BetteComodo is available from the high-tech manufacturer Bette in Delbrück in white and in many other colours.

BetteComodo_01 bis _05.jpg

The comfort of this bath is reflected in its name: It's called BetteComodo (Italian for comfortable) and was developed as a single bath for people who like to take frequent, long baths. The width of the bath is comfortable, and it has generous radii and a comfortable area to lie in. The edge serves as a support for the arms. The bath is 45 centimetres deep - which is also deep enough for long legs. A washbasin in the same design is also available to match the bath - integrated here in the likewise new modular bathroom furniture system BetteModules.


Besides baths, the new bathroom range of the specialist steel/enamel company Bette also includes washbasins. This is the BetteComodo counter top washbasin with the flexibly extendable BetteModules undermounted cabinet, which provides plenty of storage space in the push-to-open drawers.

Additional people motifs:

BetteComodo_07 bis _12.jpg

Modern mid-price bathing comfort: The design of the new bathroom series is timeless and also addresses a younger target group. As a material, steel/enamel provides a good basis for comfort, robustness and easy care, even in conditions of frequent and extended use.

Product dimensions, BetteComodo:
Bath: 170x75x45, 180x80x45, 190x90x45 cm
Washbasin: 60x49.5, 80x49.5, 100x49.5 cm
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