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Kutinya Marimba Tour 24.April- 13. Mai 2008

Kutinya Marimba Band Marimba Music aus Zimbabwe

Berlin, (lifePR) - Der Name "Kutinya" entstand aus der anspruchsvollen und euphorischen Marimbaspielkunst, die die Zuhörer von ihren Plätzen aufspringen lässt. Nicholas Manomano, ein prominenter, multi-talentierter und großartiger Marimba Performer nahm mehrere Musikstudenten unter seiner Obhut und brachte sie an die Spitze der Marimba-Spielkunst.

Nicholas Manomano (aka. NicMan) was born on the 12th Of January 1976. He grew up in rural village in Murehwa where he received his primary and secondary education. He played marimbas throughout his primary and secondary school life. His teaching career started in 1994 at Munamba Primary School. Since then he rose to become one of the most respected player and tutor both in Zimbabwe and Europe. His musical influence has seen several marimba groups adopting his style of play. He currently enjoys supremacy in the promoting Zimbabwe s marimba music in through various programmes including organising international music tours. His ability to work in multi-racial situation is a testimony to his expertise in this filed.


MAIN INSTRUMENT Marimba, Mbira (Daumenklavier)
Other Instruments Ngoma (African Drums), Hosho (Shakers),Nyunganyunga /Karimba

International Marimba Tours
2002 Germany, United Kingdom, France
2003 Germany, Netherlands, South Africa
2004 Germany
2006 Germany, Netherlands


One of the greatest achievements registered by Nic Manomano is the founding of Kutinya Marimba Band in 1999 together with the former Marimba players of Dominican Convent and Prince Edward Schools. Over the years, it expanded accommodating players from other schools such as Gateway, Harare International School and many others providing marimba tuition. As the demand for tuition increased, the band was promoted to become a music institution whose art-work vibrated in all corners of Harare.
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