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New study shows: the right office chair boosts brain activity

Haar bei München, (lifePR) - The way we sit every day at the office has a significant impact on our brain's activity and on our ability to concentrate and perform. This has been revealed by a new study carried out by the Institute of Sports Sciences at Johannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz. In the test an electroencephalogram (EEG) was used to measure brain wave activities that indicate the level of alertness and concentration. The behaviour of the test persons was also monitored during the test.

The test: office chair versus rigid stool versus swopper active chair.

45 persons aged between 22 and 27 took part in the study that was headed by Professor Dr. Wolfgang Schöllhorn and Dr. Diana Henz of Mainz university, Department for Training and movement sciences. The participants performed standardised tests to determine their short and long-term concentration skills while sitting on a normal office chair, on a rigid stool and on the three-dimensional active swopper from aeris. For this purpose, small electrodes were used to measure the brain activity (EEG) - as a concentration equivalent.

The result: sitting on the swopper there was a significant increase in alpha, beta and theta brain waves, these being particularly related to the state of alertness. The participants were also able to solve many more tasks with significantly shorter reaction times than in the tests using the rigid stool or conventional office chair.

The study carried out by Prof. Dr. Schöllhorn concluded that "working on the active swopper has a positive impact on the ability to concentrate and on brain activity. The results are of major importance for the design of learning and working environments."

The swopper 3D active chair has been developed by aeris GmbH to encourage more movement in everyday office life. All products from aeris, the swopper, swoppster, muvman, 3Dee and oyo, are based on this unique concept of 3D ergonomics.

More information available under, info@aeris. de or under Tel. +49(0)89 - 900 506-0.
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aeris GmbH

For almost 20 years the Munich company aeris has specialised in innovative active-sitting seats for use in offices, public places and at home. The company is one of the most innovative of Germany's small and medium-sized businesses. aeris is market leader in Europe for 3D active seats.

The aeris philosophy is "Life in Motion". All the company's products follow this concept and are designed to enable practical ergonomic movement in daily life at work as a solid foundation for health, wellbeing, productivity and performance.

aeris developed the first ever seat in the world that moves in all three dimensions, the swopper. This revolutionised the office chair market and everyday working life - in particular that part of life which takes up about 80% of the day in the industrial nations and which is largely responsible for unhealthy lack of movement: sitting. All aeris products - swopper, swoppster, muvman, 3Dee and oyo - support and encourage movement when sitting. This enhances the quality of life and performance and at work is effective against typical office and civilisation disorders from backache and tension, high blood pressure and diabetes through to cardiovascular diseases and overweight. The aeris active seats provide the opportunity for more than twice as much movement when sitting as conventional office seats. They are approved worldwide and have won numerous international awards.

In 2007, the aeris company entered the TOP 100 list of the most innovative small and medium-sized German businesses. This bears witness to the potential and dynamics of the company whose success has been established and constantly extended through increasing international activities and a steady growth of its portfolio. The aeris company has about 50 employees and sells its products worldwide.,, +49 (0)89 900 506-0.

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