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Travel App: iSayHello Communicator - Translator

Software update and price cut

(lifePR) (Ludwigsfelde/Berlin, ) After a successfull software update of our travel app iSayHello Communicator- Translator, there are a few new interesting features you can explore !

The iSayHello Communicator Pro- Translator includes an offline travel dictionary in 12 different languages and categories with the most important words and phrases you need on vacation!

The Communicator feature on the other side is a well working simultaneous translator for over 50 languages. It enables you to communicate with anyone in the world effortlessly!

Our newest feature is very interesting. By allowing the push-function of the app, we will be able to inform you about any news and keep you updated all the time.

On this occasion we start a price cut from today, 25/07 until 03/08 !

The Pro Version of our iSayHello Communicator - Translator is available for only 4,99$ on iTunes !

Those of you who have already installed the Free Version, will be glad to hear that the "All languages Package" is now reduced on 4,99$ on iTunes !

The portable travel dictionary with an integrated simulatenous translator is your perfect travel companion!

Let the summer vacation begin!

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