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aap Annual Financial Statements for 2007: Sales +52%, EBIT +33%

2007: Sales EUR28.0 million, EBITDA EUR5.1 million, Net Profit for year EUR1.5 million Q1/2008: Sales c. EUR8.0 million

(lifePR) (Berlin, ) aap Implantate AG, a medical technology company listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange and active in biomaterials, fracture healing and joint replacement, achieved in financial year 2007 sales growth of 52% to EUR28.0 million (previous year: EUR18.5 million) and an operating result (EBIT) of EUR3.0 million (+36% on the previous year). Net profit for the year was slightly down by EUR0.1 million to EUR1.5 million (previous year: EUR1.6 million) due to one-off deferred tax expenses with no effect on liquidity. The aap group achieved this growth by means of organic growth in the T&O segment (Sales +26% to EUR7.8 million) and by first-time consolidation of Dutch Fame Medical Group acquisition as well as organic growth in the medical biomaterials segment (aap bio implants group, sales +65% to EUR20.2 million), which generated over 70% of overall aap sales in 2007.

In EUR million - 2007 - 2006excl.aapNL - Change on year

Sales 28,0 - 18,5 - +52 %
EBITDA 5,1 - 3,9 - +31 %
EBIT 3,0 - 2,2 - +36 %
EBT 2,4 - 2,1 - +14 %
Net profit for year 1,5 - 1,6 - -6 %
Equity (ratio) 43,4(64 %) - 21,2(77 %) - +101 %
Total assets 68,0 - 27,6 - +143 %
Employees 289 - 161 - +80 %

In financial year 2007 the aap group of companies earned a significantly higher EBITDA of EUR5.1 million (previous year: EUR3.9 million).

Group EBIT improved to EUR3.0 million (previous year: EUR2.2 million). EBT amounted to EUR2.4 million and was also up on the previous year’s EUR2.1 million.

With total assets of EUR68.0 million (previous year: EUR27.6 million) the equity ratio was 64%.

According to preliminary calculations aap group sales in the first quarter of 2008 were in the region of EUR8.0 million, or around 35% than the €5.9 million in the same quarter of the previous year. This organic sales growth year on year was due to triple-digit percental sales growth by the Trauma & Orthopaedics division, due to the delivery of an initial order to a major OEM customer amongst others.

For the financial year 2008 aap anticipates a continuation of this growth trend and aims to achieve organic sales growth of at least 20% and above-average earnings growth.

The consolidated annual financial statements of aap Implantate AG are available to download at Publication of the report for the first quarter of 2008 is scheduled for May 14, 2008.