Freitag, 23. März 2018

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Alexander Coridass to leave ZDF Enterprises

ZDF Director General Thomas Bellut: 'ZDF's repositioning pioneer'

Mainz, (lifePR) - Alexander Coridass will be resigning from his position as President and CEO at ZDF Enterprises, effective at the end of this year. His position as Spokesman of the Management Board will be assumed by Fred Burcksen, who will be managing the company together with Co-Managing Director Stephan Adrian.

ZDF Director General Thomas Bellut praises Coridass as being a pioneer of the repositioning of ZDF back in the 90s. Bellut: ‘Alexander Coridass combines the enthusiasm for television and its programmes with a strong degree of entrepreneurial flexibility and determination. As President and CEO, he has made ZDF Enterprises a successful and internationally renowned company.’

Alexander Coridass was one of the founders of ZDF Enterprises in 1992. He was able to set up a global distribution programme and served as President and CEO for 20 years. Alexander Coridass: ‘25 years of playing an active part in the development of ZDF Enterprises and of being able to contribute in leading the company group to where it stands today, was not only a real challenge, but also a special privilege. I look back on this period with great gratitude, especially to my employees and business partners.’

The solicitor Coridass joined public broadcaster ZDF in 1985, where he was initially responsible for the areas of labour and corporate law, international law, copyright and cable distribution in foreign countries. Subsequently, he was Head of the Programme Sales department until ZDF Enterprises was founded.

ZDF Enterprises GmbH

ZDF Enterprises was founded in 1993 as a commercial subsidiary of ZDF, one of the largest and most renowned TV broadcasters in Europe. Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, ZDF Enterprises is responsible for the worldwide sale of programs, the making of international coproductions, the acquisition of licenses as well as the merchandising of strong program brands in its own name, for the ZDF, and for third parties. ZDF Enterprises has successfully established itself as an independent market player on the German and international stage. Bound into a strong group, the company manages the largest German-language stock of programs in the world and, next to this, a continuously growing portfolio of international productions consisting of series and miniseries, TV movies, documentaries and children's programs. In the course of the development and diversification process carried out up to now, many business fields in the television and media domains were made accessible in the ZDF Enterprises group. Thus ZDF Enterprises can provide a comprehensive, full-service offering today, and covers every step in the chain of origin and exploitation of successful TV programs, from development to production and up to the marketing of TV licenses, merchandising rights, online rights and much more.

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