Freitag, 20. Oktober 2017

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Say it on the water!

World's biggest floating waterpark now tags Croatia

Bocholt, (lifePR) - Wibit Sports presents a new configuration of its aquatic playgrounds that does not only revolutionize fun on the water but the way of communicating it!

Wibit's modular components can now be arranged into letters to write almost anything on the water. In fact, the company has created their own floating font library so clients can see how each character looks and what modular components it's made of. Called the WibitTAG, the concept is that resorts, cities, countries and even private operators can now "tag" their beachfront locations to maximize exposure from land and air, giving them an iconic identity.

Croatia, being the home of the first ever Wibit Sports Park, is the showcase for this monstrous new breed of Sports Parks. With 110 individual products, dimensions of 115 x 45 meters and a capacity to entertain 350 people at a time, CROATIA is now floating at the beachfront of Porec to the pleasure of both visitors and touristic organizations and businesses. "It's amazing, the demand for bigger and bigger parks grows each year and now we have an exciting new way to configure these parks plus help our clients market their locations. We think this might be the first ever floating sign that people can actually play on!" says Wibit co-founder Robert Cirjak. "Pictures taken from above are postcard worthy. They will become the new key visual for every location and quickly spread through search engines and social media."

The new concept is a way of marketing that has never been seen before. You've got something to say? Say it on the water - or in other words: WibitTAG it!

Wibit Sports GmbH

Wibit is the brainchild of two innovative entrepreneurs that wanted to bring fun and excitement to pools and resorts around the world.

German based Wibit Sports GmbH has been producing commercial grade inflatable water sports products since 1996 and created the floating water park industry. With distribution in over 60 countries, Wibit products are found in commercial pools, resorts, camps and beachfront locations worldwide.

All Wibit products are designed in Germany and meet the high quality and safety standards which are certified by the reknowned German TÜV.

To get more information about Wibit, visit our website:

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