Sonntag, 26. Februar 2017

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Wholesale prices of rapeseed meal

Market booms in the run-up to the harvest

(lifePR) (Berlin, ) Prospects of a meagre crop due to low yields and fears of insufficient supply sent demand rocketing in May. The boom in demand coincided with seasonally low supply. Not only did prices shoot up, but supply was also sold out soon. Rapeseed meal prices surged 20 per cent in just one month. The market has been calm since. Oil mills are expecting the first contracted new-crop batches. However, these shipments are slow to arrive. Interruptions due to rains slowed down the 2015 rapeseed harvest. Yields and oil content proved to be average at best, but in most cases were better than expected. Very occasionally, yields even amounted to 50 decitonnes per hectare. As rapeseed processing activities are picking up pace, supply of rapeseed meal and rapeseed cake is growing. However, buyer interest is low because compound feed manufacturers have adopted a wait-and-see stance, hoping that the new crop will increase the downward pressure on prices.

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