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Creativity, quality and great designs - The winners of the Trevira CS Fabric Creativity Competition

(lifePR) (Hattersheim, ) Today Trevira CS, the possibly most renowned brand for contract textiles, stands not only for the flame retardancy function anymore, but especially also for the high level of quality, creativity and innovation that distinguish these fabrics. In a fabric competition initiated by Trevira at the end of 2012, suppliers could prove that their products fulfill these criteria. 58 companies participated in the competition. From the 140 fabrics submitted, the 10 best fabrics were awarded at Heimtextil in Frankfurt in January; five further fabrics received a special recognition.

"With the high-value products our customers create, they have contributed substantially towards the high reputation enjoyed by Trevira CS fabrics. We wanted to express our appreciation of this within the context of the Trevira CS Club concept by inviting them to participate in a textile creativity competition", explains Anke Vollenbroeker, Head of Marketing at Trevira.

An independent expert panel assessed the fabrics according to their degree of innovation, technical execution and trend awareness. The panel consisted of Bettina Göttke-Krogmann (Burg Giebichenstein - Kunsthochschule Halle), Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk (JOI-Design, Hamburg), Natalija Zimmermann (interior designer and stylist, Leipzig).

The winners:

Baumann Dekor GmbH (A)
(Article: 49780/069)
The decorative and upholstery fabric incorporates the theme of combining wool and linen: the handle is reminiscent of linen and the look of wool. This double face quality is suitable for a variety of uses and opens opportunities in refined processing for selvedge, border, edging etc.

Bogesunds Väveri (S)
(Article: Twilight)
The colour configuration of this upholstery fabric produces a very attractive iridescent effect, which is not often found in such qualities. Colours are chosen in such a way that different tones appear depending on the light and there is no "greying effect". Chenille yarns supply a pleasant soft handle and a fine lustre without giving the material a plush effect, but rather a dry look.

Création Baumann (CH)
(Article: DIMMER IVY 0100767)
The decorative fabric with blackout function was created with the help of very innovative laser technique which produces patterns with overflow effect. An effectful detail: the varying relief heights produced by the laser make the pattern seem to come and go and create a refined interplay of light and dark. This very decorative and technically challenging blackout fabric can also be used "solo".

J. A. Raymakers (NL)
(Article: 614.011, Col. 858)
This velour with an appearance of suede features a soft, natural feel, a fine strong tone and a cotton-like lustre that creates a very elegant shadow effect. The lightness and flat character of the velour makes it suitable for both upholstery and decorative fabric applications, and its semi-dull look makes it stand out pleasantly from other velours.

Kupferoth Interiors (D)
(Article: Habitat Hexagon 407674)

The use of high-twist yarns gives this technically challenging jacquard fabric in leno weave with grainy feel a paper-like appearance and a firm structure, combined with a special drape.The drape and decorative fabric shows an elegant restrained pattern, with an intriguing interplay between the view from above, presenting a voluminous fabric with the pattern visible, and the view against the backlight revealing a high degree of transparency.

Lelièvre (F)
(Article: BACCARA M1 CITRINE 64943)
The decorative fabric with a very beautiful design was created in the Atlas (Satin) weave producing a relief. The surprising effect is the modern graphic implementation of the design which stands in tense contrast to the traditional weaving techniques used for damask fabrics The elegant silken sheen and the good choice of colour make a high-quality impact.

Lodetex S. p. A. (I)
(Article: RITA BLACK 21954)
The double face decorative fabric with its extraordinary colour gradation has an elegant sheen, soft handle and a design that has the effect of being painted. The IKAT effect produced by the technical construction creates a certain tension: the pattern only becomes clear at the second look, which is the special attraction of the fabric - the view against the backlight reveals again the zigzag effect.

Nya Nordiska (D)
(Article: MULTI-PLI CS 21 Flint)
Elegant decorative fabric with semi-dull surface where the use of heat fixing combines the two form-shaping techniques of crushing and pleating. This gives an attractive contrast and a sophisticated pattern of coarse and fine. Seen against the light, the creased structure reveals a pattern with nice dynamism and spatial depth.

SAHCO Hesslein (D)
(Article: LUPINA 2524-04)
The drape/decorative fabric in natural linen look and elegant shading is reminiscent of bobbin lace. This modern interpretation of "lace" was achieved by embroidery on algae fleece with subsequent release of the embroidery. The material with its width of three meters has a beautiful selvedge, easy to process - a fine semi-transparent fabric, beautifully realised.

Saum & Viebahn (D)
(Article: UNLIMITED 6 2357)
The upholstery fabric with a 3D look achieves its nice relief effect by the use of filling weft technique. Here we see a modern interpretation of a classical pattern in a material with a soft handle and a beautiful colour which shows the pattern at its best. It can be used as upholstery fabric or as throw/bedrunner.

These fabrics received a special recognition:

Abinitio (S)
(Article: Cullus Molto White)
The 3D knitted fabric is extremely sound absorbent and capable of improving acoustics. It is suitable for ceiling or wall elements, room dividers or textiles in living spaces. The material combines functionality and flexibility with aesthetics; it works well with concrete, iron, glass and wood. It is suitable for a variety of contract applications and also automotive interiors.

Johan van den Acker (NL)
(Article: Pietro 290)
This decorative and upholstery fabric with its technical/functional look and elegant restrained sheen suits a variety of applications. It has a typographic appearance and is a very contemporary fabric that attracts attention with its "playful severity". It shows an interesting colouration that picks up both warm and cold tones.

Kobe (NL)
(Article: Palora CS)
This is a shadow velour where the construction technique makes the pile lying in different directions. Particularly inventive is the design due to the concise lower layer which superimposes an additional organic pattern - the result is an interplay with differing levels of the pile shadow. The material is available in an extensive range of 20 colours; it can be used as decorative and upholstery fabric.

Sirio Tendaggi srl (I)
(Article: ALBA STROP 393)
With its attractive weave structure that exhibits slight irregularities this decorative fabric has the effect of patina. This fabric with the look of wool has a pleasant handle reminiscent of linen, and an extremely soft drape. The special design offers many opportunities in end use from technical to rustic.

Stotz (CH)
(Article: Bricks)
Warp embroidery using a technique where embroidery needles are incorporated into the weaving process, are the basis of this decorative and upholstery fabric. This results in a design which looks as if drawn by a quill, worked into the fabric surface with great refinement. The varying line format in the design makes a strong impact despite the smallness of pattern. It recalls the aesthetic concept of the wabi-sabi where the beauty lies in imperfection and charms with its suggestion of playing with chance.