Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

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Al Walser & Jermaine Jackson feat. MJ All Stars

(lifePR) (Herisau, ) The "King of Pop" Michael Jackson lives! It would have been Michael Jackson's 51st birthday on august 29th. For this special anniversary, his friends and fans will present him with a very special gift. His brother Jermaine Jackson ( former Jackson Five ), musician friend Al Walser and other international Music stars (among others Jason Miller, Michael Jackson Songwriter Richie Stites, Patrick Nuo, Dankners, Hedreichs Nicols, Nubya, Juergen Drews, Longombas and more... ) have come together to dedicate their song " Living Your Dream " to the jubilarian. The song is a very heart touching anthem in the style of " We Are The World ". It also reflects the humanitarian side of the legendary King of Pop. This charity song is in support of distressed children, just as Michael would have wanted it himself. With its broad international cast and catchy hook, music critics see the song as a strong contender for the 2010 Grammy Awards. There's a huge media buzz already prior to its release date on August 29th . Everyone now has the chance to celebrate with MJ and give their special THANKS - and at the same time help, further expanding Michael Jackson's DREAM throughout the world by having Radios and Dj's play the anthem, and fans buying or downloading the song for this charitable cause. Happy Birthday Michael and - We keep " Living Your Dream "!

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