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MIPCOM 2010: SevenOne International to Present Extensive Format Slate

Munich, (lifePR) - SevenOne International, the ProSiebenSat.1 Group's programming sales company, will be presenting a broad portfolio of new formats, ranging from game shows, to real life and comedy, at MIPCOM in Cannes from October 4 to 8, 2010. The line-up includes the Golden Rose winning and rating success "Benidorm Bastards" as well as the game show "My Man Can", which is the most successful foreign entertainment adaptation in China this year. Further highlights are the new game show "YOU deserve IT!" from Dick de Rijk, the comedy show "M!LF - Man Liberation Front" from the hit producers of "Benidorm Bastards".and the sciencetainment show "The Insider" which is presented from the most unusual studio setting in the world - the human body.

Jens Richter, Managing Director SevenOne International: "I'm thrilled to go to Cannes. With the 'Benidorm Bastards' winning the Golden Rose for best program, 'My Man Can's success in China, Dick de Rijks new game show 'YOU Deserve IT!' and the outstanding sciencetainment show 'The Insider' we have the most exciting and versatile new line-up of all times."

Portfolio Outline

"My Man Can" is the most successful adaptation of a foreign format in China this year! In "My Man Can" (produced by Redseven Entertainment) four women gamble with the abilities their partners possess - and put the men's courage and skills to the test. She sits at a gambling table and bets her rivals that her man can accomplish certain tasks. He waits helplessly in a soundproof cubicle, waiting to hear the task his wife has accepted on his behalf. Each of the women is given 100 gambling chips which she uses to bet on her partner's performance in each round of the game. If she has claimed "My Man Can" eat 20 chili peppers, he has to do so. If he performs the task, she wins the jackpot.

The Rose d'Or Winner 2010 for "Best Comedy" and "Best Program 2010" "Benidorm Bastards" (produced by SHELTER) is an outrageous hidden camera show that follows seven senior citizens whose mission is to roam the streets and blow the minds of as many young people as they can In Belgium, its country of origin, the show has exceeded the channel's average by up to 284 percent with market shares of up to 27.9 percent (viewers 18-44). In the Netherlands, the first international adaptation of "Benidorm Bastards" outperforms RTL 4's channel average by up to 250 percent with a market share of up to 36.8 percent (20-49) on Saturdays at 8:05 p.m. prime-time. The show has already been sold to more than 20 countries, including France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Israel, throughout the Middle East and Scandinavia.

For the first time in the history of television a program is presented - with the help of top-quality special effects and 3-D animations - from within the human body! In the sciencetainment show "The Insider" (produced by Redseven Entertainment) the two presenters explore the human body via a micro-shuttle, illuminating even the most complicated processes in the human body. No aspect of our anatomy remains unexplored!

It is Better to Give than to Receive! "YOU deserve IT!" (produced by Redseven Entertainment) is the first game show where a contestant is not playing for himself... but for someone else, someone deserving it. "YOU Deserve IT!" is the new blockbuster from Dick de Rijk, the creator of "Deal Or No Deal", and offers a unique combination of studio based nail-biting game play and on location reality TV.

225 percent above 2BE's channel average: "M!LF - Man Liberation Front" (produced by SHELTER) has arrived! From a self-built studio full of men, the two hosts deploy candid interviews, sketches, commercials, inventions, game shows and every other available means to battle the out-of-control tsunami of estrogen flooding our society. In short, this is television from men, for men, and for all of those women who have had enough of their husband's monopolizing the bathroom every morning.

The long-running successful real estate show "House Hunt" (produced by Sultan Sushi) is now in its 11th season in Belgium and just started in the Netherlands. The lifestyle show contains a useful mix of practical real estate information, numerous building tips, architectural highlights and a fair portion of house hunting.

"League of Balls" (produced by Redseven Entertainment) is the game show for the toughest young men in the country. When facing the hardest challenges in the world, up to nine contestants have to prove they can remain cool even in the most stressful situations. The viewers choose each week's winner, in the final live show all winners battle for the ultimate title "Mr. League of Balls" - prize: admission to the coolest club in the world, populated by scantily-dressed young ladies.

Let the kids decide! In "The King of Crafts" (produced by Redseven Entertainment) six celebrities compete against each other and are judged by the toughest jury in the world: children! The celebrities have to perform six handicraft challenges ranging from making chestnut figures to enacting spectacular open-air DIY stunts.

Enjoy the good side of life! "Our National Pride" (produced by Sultan Sushi) is a series of portraits of expats who have moved all over the world: a chef, a pastry cook, a winegrower, etc. The host is treated by his compatriot to a stunning tour of the region, learning about the local culture and sampling its distinctive cuisine.

Who is the king of sausage? In "The Sausage Millionaire" (produced by Redseven Entertainment) the nation's best 30 candidate couples have to prove if they can handle the grill. In the sizzling finale one couple can win the high-end sausage wagon with supplies worth EUR 25,000.

SevenOne International will be exhibiting at MIPCOM 2010 at H4.12 (4th floor) from October 4 to 8, 2010.

SevenOne International

SevenOne International is the worldwide programming distribution house of ProSiebenSat.1 Group's Red Arrow Entertainment Group. Red Arrow combines a dynamic and growing group of international television production companies with powerful creative partnerships, alongside SevenOne International. The ProSiebenSat.1 Group is the second- largest broadcasting group in Europe, reaching more than 78 million TV households. SevenOne International offers an extensive portfolio of TV events, TV movies, telenovelas, prime-time and mini-series as well as magazines and entertainment formats. In addition, SevenOne International markets and co-finances the programs of third-party producers. The company's headquarter is located in Munich/ Unterföhring.

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