Montag, 23. Juli 2018

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The SIEBENHANDL GROUP is starting a new, high-turnover year in 2018 with new, innovative cooperation partners

Ulm, (lifePR) - OTC7HANDL GmbH has been able to include four new innovativ companies in it‘s product portfolio, providing the pharmaice industry with even more sales power. Stay tuned, because there are more cooperations to come.

The company Borghetti Pharma is known for first-class quality manicure and pedicure products, coupled with the charm of Italian design. The experience handed over from father to son makes Borghetti Pharma beeing the Italian leader in nail care products. The artisan tradition, combined with modern technology, give a durable product of high quality and prestige. Under the brand name Borghetti, the colorful products will be distributed from 2018.

In August 2015, development engineer Saba Kakavand, graduate in business administration Felix Gassmann and managing director of business consulting firm FOSTEC Commerce Consultants, Markus Fost, jointly founded MFS Pharma Vertrieb GmbH. This young company has succeeded in developing a nutritional supplement of the future with the innovation product VIRTUSIN. VIRTUSIN is a nutritional supplement containing only high quality ingredients and no artificial additives. The focus of our product is on the optimization of cognitive functions and stress reduction in particularly challenging life situations, such as examination phases or a very intense work life.

OTC7HANDL will sell the 100% biodegradable toothpastes and mouthwashes of DENTACARE. These oral hygiene products contain 100% biodegradable cleansing and cleaning fibers. The above-average cleaning and cleaning effects are achieved without dental enamel abrasion, the mild dental care with low RDA value (abrasion) is also ideal for crowns, inlays, bridges, etc. suitable. All DENTACARE innovation products are patent pending and therefore excellently different from the rest of the market competitors.

Bioserum Laboratorios is a spanish company which carries out the HERBETOM brand through physical, chemical and microbiological analyzes to ensure that all products of the natural series are free from heavy metals, pesticides and aatoxins. The range of HERBETOM meets three criteria: treating symptoms, fighting causes and prevention. The micronutrients used together with the natural plant medicine produces extraordinary, highly concentrated plant juices, a lasting synergetic effect. HERBETOM combines science and nature to improve the performance of body systems.

"Our portfolio is expanded with trendy and perfectly developed products in its whole range, which meets all the requirements of a modern target group. This will strengthen our position as a premium partner for innovative pharmacy products even more and even more intensively, "explains Micha S. Siebenhandl, looking forward to the new product portfolio and the new partnerships.

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