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Nikolai Dëus-von Homeyer, Managing Partner of NAS Invest, Looks Back at the Trends that have Shaped the German Real Estate Market in 2017

"No End to the Boom to be Expected Anytime Soon."

(lifePR) (Berlin, ) The situation on the real estate investment market in Germany has continued to develop rather handsomely in 2017. This is explained, for one thing, by the sustained low-interest cycle, which drives up demand for real property assets. And secondly, demand for real estate is generated inside Germany by the country’s favourable economic performance, on the one hand, and by the persistent global uncertainty and concerns over political and social conflicts in foreign markets, on the other hand. In addition to the “Big Seven” cities, investors now have the so-called Class B cities or mid-size cities on their radar as well. These offer attractive alternative investment opportunities marked by a sound risk-return ratio when compared to the leading cities. Even international investors can and want to exploit the situation – and to this end, most of them put their faith in the network and local expertise of a partner on the ground.

Although the extended upward trend may lead some observers to conclude otherwise: Nothing has changed the fact that the real estate investment market goes through cycles. This is why market players keep wondering with every passing boom year just how long the upward trend will continue, and how hard a possible setback will hit. We do not believe that the real estate market in Germany is approaching a turning point yet. Rather, the sound development that the German real estate market embarked on after the escalation of the global financial crisis is set to continue – especially in the commercial real estate segment. The robust economic data in Germany and the now-as-then low interest rates suggest as much. Moreover, international investors are well aware of the fact that, historically speaking, fluctuations on the German market have always been moderate. This vindicates its status as a “safe haven,” especially during an extended boom cycle.

We at NAS Invest intensified our focus on office schemes and medical centres in 2017. Demand on the commercial real estate market is as strong as it is on the residential real estate market, and the supply is dwindling. Nonetheless, investors should not buy at wildly inflated prices, not even core assets, and carefully review their risk-return ratios along with their capital appreciation potentials.

NAS Invest GmbH

As investor and asset manager of long-term experience, NAS Invest structures and manages real estate investments for semi-institutional investors such as private wealth managers (family offices) and high-net-worth individuals as well as for institutional investors. To this end, the company, which maintains branch offices in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main, concentrates on commercial and residential real estate in German metro regions and major cities with positive economic and demographic fundamentals. Today, the commercial and residential real estate held by the company adds up to 225 million euros in assets under management (as of 30/06/2017).