Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

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PainLanguage / CD/ GDM012CD /Gold Dust Media(US)

(lifePR) (Lausanne, ) Rap music was magical. It existed in its own space, where its only allegiances were to creativity, the drive to be the best and a desire to be cutting-edge. In its essence, rap was rebellious. That magical feeling - largely lost once rappers started chasing hits rather than artistic greatness - has been reclaimed by Pain Language, the collaboration of platinum producer DJ Muggs and revered rhyme assassin Planet Asia. On the duo's eponymous debut album, the pair delivers a non-stop barrage of bone-crushing lyrical and sonic adventures that breathe energy and excitement into each cut. Simply put, Pain Language is brass knuckle rap.

As the producer for the majority of Cypress Hill's music, DJ Muggs learned how to create, develop and refine a sound, not chase someone else's sound or success. Like DJ Muggs, Planet Asia is a visionary. Raised in Fresno, California, Planet Asia eschewed the gangster rap stylings popular in his area and instead focused on developing his skill as a supreme lyricist. His work with likeminded rapper Rasco as the Cali Agents made Planet Asia one of the best of the new generation of Left Coast rappers Now, as Pain Language, DJ Muggs and Planet Asia have changed the times yet again, delivering a record ahead of its time, yet classic in sound, feel, execution and attitude. "It's a super highly-aggressive record," DJ Muggs says. "We're saying fuck you, we're not going to follow a format. It's just us putting up a middle finger up to everybody. We're coming from that N.W.A attitude. This is rebellious music."

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