Sonntag, 25. Februar 2018

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Düsseldorf, (lifePR) - Today, the renaming of METRO AG to CECONOMY AG was entered into the commercial register. Thus, one of the last steps following the demerger of METRO GROUP into two independent companies has been completed as announced.

“As the leading platform for business models, concepts and brands in the field of consumer electronics, we empower the lives of consumers in the digital world. We are now expressing this also through our name,” says Pieter Haas, Chief Executive Officer of CECONOMY AG.

In this respect “CE” stands for the area in which the company operates, the consumer electronics industry, and “ECONOMY” for the focus on the financial market and the aim for profitable and sustained growth. “CON” represents both “consumer” and “connectivity”, i.e. customer-oriented thinking and the seamless connection of physical and digital lives.

Following the demerger of METRO GROUP into two separate companies CECONOMY AG has already been listed independently under the new ticker symbol CEC on the stock exchange since 13 July 2017, until today’s renaming however under the name METRO AG.

METRO Cash & Carry Deutschland GmbH

CECONOMY AG is the leading platform for companies, concepts and brands in the field of consumer electronics in Europe. The market position of CECONOMY is based above all on the strong brands MediaMarkt and Saturn. With more than two billion contacts per year the CECONOMY companies are to provide consumers with orientation and solutions, thus allowing consumers to make optimum use of the possibilities of innovative technologies. To this end CECONOMY intends to develop new concepts and business models which provide consumers with vital added value and which tap the potential for the economic success of the Company and its shareholders.

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