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A German premiere: RENAISSANCE experience - How hi-tech revives the history of Art

Digital & interactive: Plunge into the secrets of the Renaissance geniuses

(lifePR) (Leipzig, ) The Kunstkraftwerk takes the Renaissance to Leipzig. Here the project “RENAISSANCE experience” starts in January 2018. It is the first part of an art event divided into three parts over two years that immerses visitors digitally into the most important Renaissance masterpieces.

The opening features a German premiere “Florenz und die Uffizien” (Florence and the Uffizi Gallery) on 18th January 2018. In this spectacular exhibition the Uffizi treasures come to new life through digitised pictures in high-definition, multimedia projections and interactive technology. 150 of the best known Renaissance paintings from the Uffizi Gallery (among them da Vinci, Giotto, Botticelli and others) will be projected onto the 8-meters-high walls of the Kunstkraftwerk’s former machine room. The background music, specifically composed for this exhibition, completes the experience. An immersive multimedia video art arrangement is created which allows shows a unique sighton the (art) world during the period of Renaissance.

“Renaissance means rebirth. Back then, it referred to the rebirth of the ancient culture with innovative diversity and drastic social changes. Today I see us again undergoing such a transformation. We are experiencing the new Renaissance and Leipzig seems to be an epicentre in Germany. Culture, creativity, technology, innovation and Made in Italy are all wonderfully well connected in “Renaissance experience”, says Prof. Markus Löffler, founder of the Kunstkraftwerk of Leipzig.  

The UFFIZI touch module, a central part of the exhibition, offers a special way to transmit art. All over the building huge innovative touch screens invite visitors to view the art interactively and in another way. Thanks to the extreme high- definition visitors are able to immerse in every detail of 1150 paintings and “ask them questions” according to topics. This amazing possibility to “plunge” into pictures arose thanks to the joint collaboration of software developers, art historians, musicians and graphic designers of the Italian companies Virtuitaly and Centrica. It is for the first time available outside Italy and offers visitors and art experts new data-supported possibilities to research and enjoy art.  

Markus Löffler announced more artistic projects for the next 24 month, all included under the label “RENAISSANCE experience” and in cooperation with many partners, both from the cultural and the economic field. Therefore, in autumn 2018 starts a new exhibition which is dedicated to the works of the important Italian painter Caravaggio in a contemporary way. In 2019 the immersive exhibition “Die Giganten der Renaissance” (Giants of the Renaissance) follows displaying masterpieces by Raphael and Michelangelo from the Vatican Museums in Rome and others by Leonardo da Vinci. All the exhibitions are provided with an extensive framework and specialist program.  

Leipzig and the Renaissance  

Many buildings in the fair-trade city are inspired by the Renaissance. Among them the old town hall Altes Rathaus which was renovated in the middle of the 16th century according to the Renaissance style. Other important Renaissance buildings are Alte Nikolaischule, Moritzbastei, Alte Waage and the oldest bourgeois house in Leipzig (Hainstraße, 8). An interesting overview can be found on Wikipedia and here.