Dienstag, 26. September 2017

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Paris Plays Host to Africa's Most Ambitious Journalist Training Programme

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, (lifePR) - Paris played host to a groundbreaking training programme for African journalists last week, organised by the Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) and the Thomson Reuters Foundation. The five-day course, which ran from 12 to 16 October at Thomson Reuters' Paris office, was the first of two advanced European sessions for journalists who demonstrated high potential in the introductory courses held across Africa earlier this year.

The training programme represents Africa's most ambitious to date and focuses on raising the standards of business, financial and investment journalism across the continent with the aim of ensuring that greater trust is put in the region's media reporting. Both ICF and the Thomson Reuters Foundation believe that greater scrutiny of investment and business issues, more timely and accurate reporting and a culture of delivering impartial news will help increase investor confidence across the continent.

During the six introductory sessions, 75 participants from 17 African countries were given detailed briefings by expert speakers and the opportunity to put theory into practice through numerous practical exercises and timed writing tasks. The participants who excelled most during the introductory sessions were invited to take part in one of two advanced European courses, the first of which was held in Paris last week.

During the advanced Paris course, journalists from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoir, Guinea and Togo had the opportunity to hone their learnings from the introductory courses, meet international peers, exchange ideas and experiences and immerse themselves in the heart of the country's business and commercial operations. Activity included meetings with l'Agence Francaise de Development and The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), field trips to the Reuters Bureau and leading French investment group Bolloré, as well as a trip to the Elysee's Cellule Africaine where participants attended a lecture on "President Sarkozy's African Policy."

Guest speakers included Henri Bonpun, Trustee of the Investment Climate Facility for Africa and former Africa Business Group President of Unilever, who addressed the journalists on the critical role of the media in providing credible, transparent information for investors to use to make informed and confident investment decisions.

ICF's Chief Executive Officer, Mr Omari Issa, explains: "This project is unique for ICF as we are engaging directly with people who have a very real and vital impact on how the overall investment climate within Africa is perceived. Accurate and timely reporting will play a critical role in increasing domestic and foreign confidence in the region's reporting and ensuring more of the continent's financial and business reporting is 'by Africa for Africa'. The journalists who attended the Paris course are truly at the forefront of their industry and we look forward to seeing them put their learnings into practise, translating investment climate improvements across Africa into wider economic progress."

Over 75 journalists from across the continent attended our introductory courses in Cote d'Ivoir, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal and Zambia. The selection of journalists to attend the advanced European sessions was conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. The second advanced European training session will be held in London in November this year.

ICF was established in 2006 to remove the barriers that currently exist to doing business in Africa. ICF is currently active in eleven African countries and is working on twenty two projects including four pan-regional projects and four special initiatives.

For more information on ICF and its projects, please visit www.icfafrica.org

About the Thomson Reuters Foundation:

The Thomson Reuters Foundation was created in 1982 to support journalists from developing countries. The Foundation today embraces a wide range of educational, humanitarian and environmental causes and projects including online news and communications services for the international disaster relief community, aid agency support, and educational and community projects. Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF) has been training journalists for more than a quarter of a century and has several thousand alumni in more than 170 countries. Its workshops, held around the world, promote the core values of fast, accurate and impartial reporting that have made Reuters one of the world's most read and trusted sources of news.

Investment Climate Facility for Africa

The Investment Climate Facility for Africa is a unique public-private partnership between government and business that aims to help Africa create a more attractive business environment and realize its potential as a global player and trading partner. ICF works to remove real and perceived obstacles to domestic and foreign investment by assisting Africans to prepare and promote the continent as an investment destination. ICF success is measured against higher levels of investment, faster economic growth, enhanced business opportunities and sustained returns for investment. ICF has the support of key Africa institutions, international development partners and private sector companies.

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