Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2018

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Kids License Monitor: Bibi and Tina Reaches Top 3 of the German Girls' Hype Licenses

München, (lifePR) - According to the results of the Kids License Monitor’s current wave conducted by iconkids & youth in May and June 2017, 54% of all German girls aged 4 to 12 years are huge fans of the movie Bibi and Tina. For more than half of the young girls Bibi and Tina appears to be a hype-factor.

Based on the outcomes of the last 3 waves, this license makes it to the top 3 of the most popular licenses. The girls’ number one is Frozen (72%), Ice Age (57%) builds number two on the list.

Bibi and Tina offers strong characters and role models to identify with in combination with excitement plus the beloved horses.

The top hype license of boys is still the evergreen Minions (73%). Spider-Man (65%) and Lego Ninjago (59%) rank second and third.

The Kids License Monitor was conducted among 1.263 children aged 4 to 12 years in the U.K., Germany and France. A total of 72 licenses from various categories including TV, toys, cinema, apps, books, music and others were analysed in all relevant dimen-sions including the licenses' awareness, appeal, market status, category fit, and owner-ship of products.

The current issue of the Kids License Monitor is now available. LIMA members are enti-tled to a substantial discount.

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