Dienstag, 21. November 2017

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New CFO at HOCHTIEF Solutions

Essen, (lifePR) - The Supervisory Board of HOCHTIEF Solutions AG, Essen, has appointed Peter Sassenfeld as a new member of the Executive Board and CFO of HOCHTIEF Solutions. Peter Sassenfeld will be taking on this role alongside his position as CFO of HOCHTIEF Aktiengesellschaft. As such, all three members of the Executive Board of HOCHTIEF Solutions are also represented on the Group Executive Board.

This pooling of responsibilities is a consequence of the transformation of the HOCHTIEF Europe division whereby HOCHTIEF Solutions performs overarching tasks and no longer has its own operating activities. Early in 2014 four companies with responsibility for operating business were founded and have now been established.

This transformation of HOCHTIEF Solutions was significantly and successfully co-designed by CFO Ms. Essimari Kairisto. Essimari Kairisto has decided to leave the company with effect from June 30, 2015 and to follow other business tasks. The Supervisory Board of HOCHTIEF Solutions would like to thank Ms. Kairisto for her successful work and her valuable contribution to the reorganization of the company.

HOCHTIEF Solutions consolidates the core business of the HOCHTIEF Group in Europe and in selected regions worldwide. The company plans, develops, builds, operates and manages real estate and infrastructure facilities. HOCHTIEF Solutions is the management company of the Group's Europe division. In many regions and segments, the company is a market and innovation leader. Further information is available at www.hochtief-solutions.de.

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