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Geratherm Medical announces preliminary figures for 2010

Continued strong growth in revenue and earnings

(lifePR) (Geschwenda, ) .
- Turnover 17 million EUR + 18,0 %
- EBITDA 2,948 kEUR + 13.1 %
- EBITDA margin 17.4 % (p.y: 18.1 %)
- EBIT 2.4 million EUR + 5.0 %
- Financial result 983 kEUR + 75.6 %
- Result of ordinary activities 3,333 kEUR + 19.2 %
- Shareholders’ (EAT) result 2,712 kEUR + 1.2 %
- Dividend recommendation 40 cents per share (tax-neutral)

Geratherm Medical again showed positive growth in the financial year. Turnover increased by 18.0 % to 17 million EUR. Gross profit, at 21.8 % growth, was above the declared growth in turnover. The gross margin is 62.5 %.

The below-average increase in the operating result (EBIT) derives from the substantial increase in depreciations, principally on intangible assets which, at 269 kEUR, were more than double those in the comparable period of the previous year. Intangible assets principally consist of capitalised research and development costs, which are depreciated for the first time with the commercial launch of the products.

Including financial yields, Geratherm Medical records a result from ordinary activities of 3,333 kEUR for the year 2010. This is the best result to date in the company history of Geratherm Medical.

The availment of existing losses carried forward leads on an IFRS basis to an increased burden of deferred taxes amounting to -590 kEUR. These are however non-cash. As a result of these taxes, burdening specifically according to IFRS regulations, it was only possible to record a shareholders' result of the parent company on a par with that of the previous year, at 2,712 kEUR.

Outlook: it is highly probable that, given the same general conditions, company and revenue growth will continue in 2011.

The preliminary figures are subject to the report of the independent auditors and the approval of the supervisory board.

The final figures for the 2010 financial year and the annual report will be published on 20th April 2011.

Geratherm Medical AG

Geratherm Medical is an internationally operating medical products enterprise with the business areas 'Temperature Management', 'Cardio' and 'Respiratory'.

Our company's roots are in temperature measurement in the medical sphere. In this business area we offer a broad spectrum of products, most of which have unique selling points. We supply our customers/patients with high-quality products ranging from thermometers to complex warming systems for use in the operating theatre and by emergency rescue services. In the Cardio business area we concentrate on the development of products for the detection of atrial fibrillation as a measure to prevent strokes.
The Respiratory segment develops and markets products for the assessment of pulmonary function.

In all three business areas, Geratherm has patent-protected basic technologies at its disposal. We regard ourselves as a researchbased medical products company with a clear focus on medical diagnostic devices that generate vital data.

Geratherm shares have been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since the year 2000. Geratherm Medical continues to be represented in the German Entrepreneurial Index and in the German Health-Care Index.