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UK Parents Ignore Credit Crunch this Christmas

Brits stand strong in economic gloom

London, (lifePR) - UK mums and dads are refusing to let the 'credit crunch' affect the ability to buy their children presents this Christmas. However, they will be more selective with the choices they make and avoiding games consoles and celebrity endorsed gifts in a bid to encourage creative, imaginative play for children.

The research, conducted by toy giant Playmobil, set out to discover what effect almost 3,000 parents* thought the economic crisis would have on the festive season. Surprisingly, although over 83% of the parents were concerned about the credit crunch, 67% said that they would not let it affect their ability to purchase presents for their families.

The questionnaire also revealed that in a bid to tighten the purse strings parents will be shying away from costly games consoles (40.3%) and celebrity endorsed products (26.8%) but a staggering 91% saying they would still buy their children creative or educational toys.

Gifts weren't the only thing to take a hit in this coming Yuletide. Over half of the families surveyed said that they will be sacrificing nights out (51%) and buying gifts for their partners (14.8%) to ensure their children have the presents they want.

But it's not all doom and gloom, the one thing UK families will not give up is their Christmas Tree, with a staggering 96% of parents vowing there will still be a tree lighting up their living room this year.

"These results demonstrate the power of the UK family unit. Even though we are experiencing an economic downturn, the one thing parents are not willing to give up is their child's happiness on Christmas Day.' said Jamie Dickinson of Playmobil UK. "What really stands out from this survey is how mums and dads are making more considered purchases this year and looking for gifts that will help to stimulate their child's creative mind."

Peter Jenkinson, Chief Toyologist at also commented, "Not only are parents seeking value this Yule with their toy purchases but they are looking harder at toys that tick more than one box. Anything with elements of creativity, role play, interactivity and above all longevity is going to be a huge hit this year."

*This is an independent survey conducted by Playmobil UK, using both on and off line channels. A total of 2980 parents were surveyed.

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